Barbara Walters Grills Kim Kardashian on Sex Tape, Airs "Numerous Angles" of Video

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Steve Jobs might have been the Most Fascinating Person of 2011, according to Barbara Walters on her ABC special last night, but the Kardashians were most definitely the subject of this journalist's most fascinating interview.

At one point, Walters aired a video that gave a bit of background on Kim and her family, focusing for awhile on the 2007 sex tape she starred in with Ray J. A long while. We counted. For some reason, the network aired 24 seconds worth of footage from this tape.

Forget illegal downloads, fellas. Just sit back and watch this ABC-sponsored content now:

Asked if she regretted the video, Kim gave her usual, cliched, mannequin-like answer about how she's made many "mistakes" in her life, only for Kris Jenner to of course jump in and say her daughter has learned from them.

It's true. She's learned how to market her breasts even more.

To Walters' credit, though, she came right out and told the gals they didn't really have any talent, which prompted Khloe to actually admit this, and for Kim to offer up this gem:

I think it's more of a challenge for you to go on a reality show, and get people to fall in love with you for being you.

Hear that, singers, actors and athletes? It's more challenging for the Kardashians to read scripts and do a number of takes for their "reality" show than it is for you to perform a concert, star in a movie or hit a baseball 400 feet.

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Any marriage of hers will end up in divorce.She is a product,a Mama Kris Jenner brand not a real woman??
A real woman is not over fanatically obsessed with money and looks like Kim is.Maybe Kim is a little slow in the maturity department...In her 30's yet believe she is 19!?


kim is cute n sexy but slick sumtimes


Kim kardashian is a fuckinq nasty ass hoe that sucks dick for money, wit her fake ass


No one is perfect,i like kim cux shes so pretty. Her shape is astoning dat i wonder where she came from thou i dont support her messing up but itS her life aftrall u westners go naked on d street.


Kim had a lot of cosmetic surgery and looks very diffrent now, doesnt she owe us another new video now that she looks diffrent?


I like u kim. let ppl speak wat dey want to its der job. bt never let ur self down by der word. tc


You money hungry bitch... Kris is the best thing that ever happened to your sorry ass.. Shame on you for your scripted reality show and everything else that your fakeness brings... You, unlike your sisters, have no talent whatsoever... your notfunny, nor interesting. Do you sleep well at night with all of your devious ways, or do you cry at night because you have no family of your own... washed up soon.. and you chose your career over the wonderful blessing of a loving husband and children.. you are a disgrace! Look in the mirror... do you like what you see and what your future holds??? I wouldn't if I was you...


Kim is a lover of money and will do anything to get it; Kim is as morally bankrupt as her mother. Kim has slept with so many different athletes,actors,rappers etc. at the end of the day what man with any moral integrity would want her. as his wife and the mother of his children, hopefully not Reggie Bush.


shamefully, the bitch is as good at whatever it is that she can do as you are at what you do...kuck you


Love Comparison Chart Chinese calculator shows Kim and Kris at 55% 55% The Firepig Says: Fair - You average relationship. A little fighting here a little romance there. Nothing too exciting long term. If that is what you are looking for, either step on the gas or look for someone else.