Adam Carolla Slams Occupy Wall Street Protestors as Envious "A--holes"

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We're anxious to see what Priscilla Grim has to say about this...


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    He's an ass. He's got no clue about what's going on. Adam Carolla is part of the problem. Ugh. (He does have a right to his opinion, but I & other 99%ers have a right to disagree with him.)


    Yoo Hoo!! Totally agree with adam. :) "Occupy" is a little too random and aimless for me.


    Who is Adam Corolla??
    Oh yea.. That loser from the guy show..
    His words mean nothing to the people of America..


    Yes, people have lost their jobs and homes and times are hard but when the occupy people pull out their phones and take pictures and text about how bad they are being treated, it kills the point and shows me, they just don't get it. They show the world they feel entitlement to everything without working for it. You will not get your basic needs filled if you're sitting on your ass protesting night and day with all your toys at hand and costing the taxpayers more money cleaning up after your stink and dirt you create. If you want to protest, do it during the day and go home at night if you have a home and offer a place to sleep to the homeless.


    Easy to be critical when you are a no-talent asshole that makes a lot of money just being an idiot and a jerk.


    Adam Corolla is right on with his analysis. These idiots grew up getting a trophy for everything they did. Even if they got their asses kicked at the soccer field. It's time they wake up and realize you go out and get an education (get a student loan and/or a couple of jobs to pay for it)and work hard to get ahead. That's how everyone else did it. BTW we paid back our student loans by working hard.


    I always knew Corolla was far removed from real life. This is just confirmation. He has no idea what he is talking about. People have lost their jobs and their homes....this is not about envy, this is about basic needs. Asshat.

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