Occupy Wall Street Leader Double Dog Dares Miley Cyrus

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Miley Cyrus - who is NOT a pothead, people! - has shown musical support for Occupy Wall Street by posting a video (below) that praises the protestors for standing up for a cause in which they believe.


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    Lilithe just proved James' point. What the FUCK is a "ppl"?

    Learn to actually type instead of all this "text" horseshit!

    And for the record....the Occupy Wall Streeters (aka the "douchebaggers") are protesting nothing in particular. All they know is that they are mad at the government and want what they consider "fair" taxation. They also are protesting corporate greed, despite the fact that every single one of them either has an iPhone or a copy of Modern Warfare 3.
    This entire "protest" is simply an excuse for them to congregate in public with all of their hippie friends, smoke pot, and not bathe for weeks. All of this is mostly because their parents got tired of them living in the basement and threw their asses out.


    Really!? Occupy protesters are stupid? Ok wow. Uhm lets see how smart u are. What are ppl out there protesting about? I bet your answer is something ingenious like "its about poor ppl who dont like rich ppl" It is isnt it? And you'd be wrong. Smh and I guess the civil rights protesters were stupid too, huh? Fckn ppl these days. Do your research and know what something is about b4 u judge a situation


    It should be illegal to be as stupid as a occupy protester.

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