Willow Smith Scorches The X Factor: Performance Video

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The X Factor features a pair of very young, very talented contestants in Rachel Crow and Drew Ryniewicz.

But this 13-year old and this 14-year old are practically hardened veterans when compared to Willow Smith, 11, who took to the stage last night during a results show that sent a second straight group home.

Watch Smith's performance of "Fireball" now and let's hope Crow and company are taking notes. Yes, it helps to have a very famous father, but Willow is also an impressive performer. See for yourself:


raise the roof


NOT impressed. Pretty sure I could do a better job. But then again, my parents aren't famous...


It was hard to watch. She was horrible. The young x-factor contestants such as Drew, Rachel Crow and even Astro schooled her.


Rich kid.


Willow Smith's rise to "stardom" has never impressed me. She comes off, to me, as a child who is over confident and indulged. I keep trying to see talent and any trace of being humble, but I just don't see that in her. I know her parents are teaching her to be bold and domineering but that jacket is not wearing well on a child so young. on th other hand, Rachel Crow, in my opinion, is the total package; she is a scorcher! Crow has TRUE talent and charisma that money cannot buy. I wish Crow could bottle her vocal ability and market it. i predict Crow will be in the finals for the X-Factor crown.


STOOPID song, she can't sing just sort of talks. Awful overated kid who should be in school.

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