Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes Mark Five-Year Anniversary!

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In the spring of 2005, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes met.

They hit it off immediately and began a whirlwind romance, which many people felt was a publicity stunt. Many people are eating serious helpings of crow now.

Their first date was said to be a sushi dinner aboard Tom's private plane and later that month, they were exclusive. By April of 2006, they had a daughter, Suri.

Then in November 18 of that year, TomKat became lovingly joined in matrimony. Yep, today's there five-year anniversary. That's like 25 in Hollywood years!

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Tom Cruise takes a lot of flack for being kind of out there in his own world, but let's face it, he and Katie are not only harmless, but a model relationship in many ways.

We don't know them personally, but neither goes out of their way to seek attention and both seem like attentive parents and spouses. Quirky, maybe, but who's not?

With so much coverage devoted to Kim Kardashian and Ashton Kutcher, it's nice to see a marriage working out, isn't it? Granted, it's his third. But they try! Hard!

It seems like forever ago that Cruise, who's now filming Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, was jumping on couches and warring with Matt Lauer like a loon.

We kinda miss those days, but we're glad he's happier and mellower with Katie these days. Happy anniversary, TomKat, and happy weekend, THG readers ...


How they came together is suspect...but bottom line from beginning of reading to now, I suspect strongly that regardless...this was & is a young woman in love with a man...her husband & better her own than anyone else. I hope they both get from under the cult & deprogrammed...I also recognize the intentional sacrifices she made & hard choices of distancing from those who may oppose union...and rightfully s, a decision or act (which I disagree with but respect the commotment made to future husban &act of making them) to put distance between what was probally ;'deemed' a threat (by her controlling spouse & former spouse to be Tom C.)to the marriage. But ladies (and gent) its ok I think to choose marriage over all; except over GOD. It seems like Tom C was made her 'god' & regardless of how 'happy' she is now or long it last...that will always be the one unacceptable choice, one must live with. Nevertheless, I hope & desire thier best.


Wow,so sad it's seems like it been forever! Run Suri run!!!!


Continued best to The Cruise Family!!


Can't wait to see the boy version of those two.

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