Selena Gomez to Be a Big Sister!

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Selena Gomez is about to welcome a baby into her life. No, the singer is not pregnant.

But she is about to be an older sibling, as the artist Tweeted with excitement today:

“Momma [Mandy Teefy] and [step-father] Brian are finally letting me share the news. My mommy’s carrying my baby brother or sister :) I’m the happiest girl in the world!”

Selena Gomez on the Red Carpet

We wish the new family nothing but health and happiness.

In what is now the second most exciting thing to happen to Selena this week, she took the stage at Madison Square Garden with Taylor Swift. Watch the pair's duet of "Who Says" NOW!



Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!! That's so cute! Congratulations and love ya, that sibling is so lucky to have a sis like you, luv u xx


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!! That's so cute! Congratulations and love ya! Xx


Omg Selena your like my hero I luv ya sooo much I have the back of door all covered with you I'm like your #1 fan your sibling is sooo lucky keep rocking'


Hey Selena I am a big fan....I just added another poster to my room...I have maybe 300...I'm so happy you got to see a big sister mom had twins and they just turned 2 they are crazy!!! I taught them how to say your name! I always ask them "do you want to see Selena Gomez?" and they RUN to the door it's sooooo cute and I'm just like "me too" haha I saw your concert in hershey u were awesome!(as always) Love ya sel!! (No such thing as #1 fans...but if there was....I would be very close to 1) Love ya like a love song Haha


Omg Sel Ur amazing ur my idol ur Gunnar make a fab big sis love u all the world xxxx


Selena,i love you,my angel,forever!


Ummm...#1 selena lover your a b****, selena has tons of #1 fans! #2 I love you selena congratz! Lol


Hey! Selena I'm ur biggest fan ever! Ur my idol u rock! Ur gonna become a great big sis! I wish u all luck! Bye! Jasmynes out!


I love u Selena ur pretty and everything u rock I love ur song who says it's my fav song ever! Ur my fav singer ever! O and I love ur character Alex Russo on wizards on Disney channel she rocks! U rock and I hope ur little baby brO or sis will be as brilliant as u r!!!! ::)):):):):) but I know they will be pretty or handsome cause they come from a family of urs.


I love selena gomez

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