Rob Kardashian Has Kim's Back, Tangos Into Second Place on DWTS

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Rob Kardashian danced up a storm on Dancing With the Stars last night.

It was a breath of fresh air for his family and all they're going through.

While sister Kim Kardashian was making a dash for the airport amidst her divorce filing, Rob made it clear that he and the whole family are behind her no matter what.

"My sister is obviously going through a lot and we're obviously very supportive of whatever decision she makes. We're here for her, to be on her side for whatever."

His Halloween-themed routine offered Kim plenty to smile about:

Rob praised his partner Cheryl Burke and the designers, saying the costumes, hair and makeup were so good that the show "deserves an Emmy" for the episode.

We'll see about that, but his oldest sister Kourtney Kardashian, her baby's father Scott Disick, and their cutie son Mason seemed to approve from the audience.

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I liked Chaz Bono much better. He had natural talent, no doubt due the genes of Sonny and Cher. This guy is much less talented and as I watch him dance he is physically looking down towards the ground at the placement of his feet. He definitely does not have the confidence of someone that is at his level in the competition. Don;t know how he manages to stay on the show as it is not from confidence or athleticism. I know the mommy says that she votes for him as many times as she can.


Great performaced Cheryl and Rob!Keep up great dancing, want to see you in the finals. I really think you guys have a chance for finals.
You both great dancers Rob you have improved.




I've just got to ask Rob a few questions. #1. WTF are you good for? #2. was Bruce Under the influence when he married into your "Circus Act" Family? Is it possible you could keep your younger 2 sisters away from the older 3? If you can then we have found something your good for!


I think the person who pick the music when they danced should be fired,It seemed awful phony that Rob Kardashian music was right,
but JR & Karina having to dance the tango to ghostbusters was ridecuolus,Rob dancing was not as great as the judges said he is so
stiff,did they feel sorry for him becuase his crazy sister Kim is getting a divorice,Ricki always seems to get the best music, like they want her to win,I think that was all a fake that she hurt her ribs, JR deserves to win, he is the best dancer


i would love to see more kardashians on dancing with the stars and scott disick too


rob can be my private dancer anytime


i thought rob the the best dancer his tango and paso doble is his two best dances that he ever danced he should man it up more he should show off his chest at least