Michael Lohan to Undergo Heart Surgery

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The good news for Michael Lohan? He managed to NOT get arrested last night.

The bad news? He was rushed to the hospital with heart problems and will undergo surgery today.

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Lohan reportedly complained of chest pains while residing in a Florida treatment and, following a blood pressure reading of 200/110, was immediately taken to the hospital.

Doctors found a blood clot in one of Lindsay's awful father's lungs and will insert a stent into his heart this afternoon. Lohan also had surgery in February to fix an artery blockage.

We wish Michael a full recovery, we suppose.

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Lol @ Courtneyj6 sorry. Though you meant something else. Considering what I said in the last few lines


I'm a tad bit confused on that calling me a bitch shit. Seeing as though when I said thank you riley, I was actually thanking you not being sarcastic. But whatevvva. On another note, I bet half of yall feel like complete dumbasses now that the new article clearly says that heart problems run in his family. The drugs probably didn't help it to much, but yall tried to make it out like it was all because the drugs and that he desevered it. No one, no matter what the situation is, deserves to have medical problems (major or small) or die. Saying things like that gets you a ticket straight to hell!


@Courtneyj6 with much pleasure bitch




Wow you people are really horrible. The poor man is probably in the worst situation ever and all you'll can do is criticize them. What bitches!!! I hope that one day you people will be in the bin just like how you'll should have being when you'll were born!!!!




SEE! Why couldn't yall just say somewhat along the lines of what Leo said. Leo said exatcly what needed to be said, but in a nicer, calmer, more respecting way. Also said it in a very mature way. That is the type of people we need in this world. Someone to tell it like it really is, without the added cussing, sarcasm, and rude immature remarks. Thank you Leo, thank you!


Message to Michael:
While you are on the mend,take the Needed time for some reflection. Avoid the media while in the hospital, and stay away from "the Major problem" that has been dogging you for the past few months. Hopefully there will be some forgiveness between you and your loved ones during this medical crisis in your life. PEACE!!


Okay we all know what he has done, but how can you say you don't feel sorry for him yet you say you feel sorry for her. They are both just as bad off as the other! And you can't blame it on him because you said yourself that he is responsible for what he does, same goes for her. Yeah she might have seen her dad doing it, but she made the choice to do it as well. But regardless of what this man has done, it is completely immature and ridiculous for people to say things such as "scumbag" "go to hell" "die already" "wimp." I hope you guys don't think of yourselves as mature adults, because your far far from it!


The only person resposible for his health problems is himself, no one is being cold, this man is an alcoholic and abuses cocaine, God only knows what else he does. He is well into his late forties and knows the A B C's by now. He has only himself to blame, I'm surprised he hasn't killed himself by now. He throws temper tantrums beyond belief, have any of you seen him on Celebrity Rehab, absolutely pathetic. Maybe this will wake his dumb ass up!! Although, I doubt it!!!


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