Kris Jenner Claims Kim Kardashian Didn't Profit From Wedding, Fails to Understand Basic Finance

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Kris Jenner is spinning faster than a dreidel this week.

The manager of the Kardashian family is making every media round possible in order to maintain the good name of her brand daughter in light of Kim Kardashian's speedy divorce from Kris Humphries.

Jenner - who just happened to release a memoir yesterday - wants the public to stop judging, and to also understand her strange idea of finances.

Milkshake Money Makers

Kim Kardashian is all about making money with her mouth: first with Ray J, now at a milkshake store in Dubai.

Appearing on The Today Show, Kris did some shady math and claimed Kim and Kris "made some money for the pictures that were sold and things like that, but at the end of the day, that money went towards the wedding."

Ummm... so what? That's still making money. They just chose to spend it on a wedding.

On The View, meanwhile, Jenner said her daughter "definitely made money," but, again, tried to justify the profit by explaining what it went toward. Unless it went toward a muzzle, why does that point matter. In the end?

"It's a tough time for the family and for Kim and for everyone involved," Jenner said. "It's really hard to go through this on such a public stage."

Hmmm... here's an idea then: GET OFF THE PUBLIC STAGE.


Something bad is going to happen to the kardashian family. I hope they are praying.


it was reported the KDash clan got 15 million jus cus ppl watchd the wedding on E!. so no i dnt think ppl writng here have suky lives or wanna b kim k, but agree now its showin there fake. i hope kris H got half that 15 mil., cus after all she did marry him, she didnt marry herself.




She is sooooo fake. In fact, everything about her is fake and evthing about her is just all about money... I am absolutely disgusted with her behaviour. I have lost interest after all!


Wow!! We got some blinded * die hard fans!!! To me ... its not even about the wedding that ofcourse did nt work out .... its about how gullible we Americans can be .... since when did a fame whore .... who got famous from literally releasing a sex tape, thru the help of her mother .... become a Fashion designer? A reality star ... Does anybody in this family even gave a freakin GED?? Give me a break!! Anything and everything they do is for publicity &I ratings ... Kris Jenner is literary pawning her own family, exposing their biz for the world to see ..... all in the name of $$$$!! Let's boycott this family like we did the other bitch who trained Kim ... what was her name again?? Paris who?? Last thing I remember her stupid ass realityhere show was cancelled FAST bcoz it had no ratings!


I not only will NOT watch the show I will not stoop to associate with anyone who does..


Mom Kris is a fame whore. Her oldest girls are the same. Kim will keep the ring because it is all about the money. I will NEVER watch this show again. All phonies. All for ratings.


I wont ever watch the kardishians
again. She should give the ring back
As she took it under false pretenses.
Sharon coffman


I know those of you who are judging Kim, you are doing this because you know very well you can never be Kim for not even a second which is true, however, you need to know to be aware that Kim is a human being who can do a mistake like anyone of you and most of you might have even done more than what she does. I am sure some of you have even killed a person which she can't. Mind your business!!


I'm going to be judgmental here, so anyone who doesn't want to hear it, stop reading now. Jade is so right - it all comes down to the money hungry fame whore mom, Kris Jenner. It all comes down to bad parenting. I wonder if she's ever going to give Bruce his balls back.

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