Kim Kardashian Demands Kuiet, Kash from Former PR Guru

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Kim Kardashian is firing back at someone who has the nerve to claim her life is a hoax.

Jonathan Jaxson, some random guy in the PR game - who, it should be noted, is releasing a book - has been making the media rounds this week and saying he has inside knowledge of Kardashian's numerous publicity scams.

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For example: Jaxson alleges he once helped Kim orchestrate a jewelery store visit when she was dating Reggie Bush, alerting the paparazzi to this staged event and making it look like an engagement was imminent. He also says Kim's wedding to Kris Humphries was nothing but a scam.

But Kardashian has hired attorney Marty Singer to silence Jaxon because she says the pair only worked together once and he's violating a confidentiality agreement by spouting off to the press.

"Everything that he is saying is false and nonsense... This guy is in it to promote himself for his 15 mins of fame,"
Singer tells TMZ.

Jaxon, in response, says there was an agreement in place... but neither party actually signed in.

Kim, meanwhile, is seeking $200,000 in damages. Because, clearly, the public questioning her sincerity has seriously damaged her reputation and her bank account.



Stop giving these liars the publicity. This ho loves to see her pictures all over the internet. The entire family is a scam! Exactly what has this family done? Oh yeah the dad representated the killer OJ and got him off!


to kim. old saying just one go around. milk the cow for all you can get. LOL. go girl. luv ya. ron.


Kim is right. Her life is not a lie for the cameras. She and her family really are immoral, stuck up, superficial and vain in real life. Its not an act people.


Anybody can "file" a lawsuit. If she has no grounds, then it will go nowhere. We'll see. If you don't like her and all the unsavory things that she stands for then I hope that you have the conviction to stand behind what you say. Don't watch her shows or buy any of the garbage that she pedals. The choice is yours. Put your money where your mouth is.


I know what slander and libel are; I took civics. I just think it's stupid. Like that Lindsay Lohan, Pitbull thing. Get over it. No one really cares that much about you.


OMG this girl is the true liar I just read that she was going into hiding but was out last night in Hollywood to celebrate her little sisters birthday with the family. For some reason I believe the PR guy I think all these Kardashians are trying to play the public. She is a scam and I have heard that from people that have worked on her friends for the wedding this girl is a TRUE SCAM...and I hope that Humpty Dump the guy that married her for this fake wedding gets something because right about now he is looking like a fake himself, but whey should they get everything. And then there is KIM who they should just pull the show Kim and Kourtney take NY because they are reediting this show to really make Humpty Dumpty look like a looser..
To ALL OF YOUR FANS GOOD LUCK if you have any sympathy for this untalented girl, she should just stick with what she knows best her looks


You can sue if someone lies about you, it's called slander if it's spoken and libel if it's written. And if they have a confidential agreement he broke a contract, also against the law. If he said "I think it was staged" that would be one thing, but he said it WAS like he knew for sure. If he didn't, that is slander. People need to get their facts straight. He's writing a book- yes Kim K is a famewhore but so is this guy, clearly.


He is her former publicist. I think he probably knows what he's talking about. And what is this world coming to when you can sue anybody for any damn thing if you've got the money to do it? I just don't understand how someone can get sued simply by speaking. And how can you even determine who's telling the truth in this case? It's her word against his. She will never tell the truth! The truth isn't what makes her money.


When you put your everyday life on display, don't be surprised if your "famed ego" gets shattered when *the real you* starts *krashing back down to Earth.
Years ago when Madonna was filming "Truth or Dare" Warren Beatty spoke out and said that she did Not want to live her life off camera. In the years since, Madonna has married,divorce,is raising her own children and has matured enough to take on the responsibility of adopting 2 other children into her family. Madonna has matured and is rarely seen on camera. The Kardashians are Now what Warren Beatty described, they do Not want to live their life off camera. Having the desire to be *konstantly on display leaves their lives wide open for voyeurism and ridicule, and they are blindfolded dumb Not to be able to see it. PEACE!!


I think your marriage was a sham to Kim. I also think you are a fraud and a fake. Are you going to sue me to????? And the whole world who thinks the same??


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