Jessica Simpson: Pregnant, Betrayed By Eric Johnson!

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Is Jessica Simpson in for more heartbreak and humiliation?

The 31-year-old pregnant, engaged celebrity should be basking in the glow of impending motherhood these days ... but is there already trouble on the horizon?

According to OK! (yeah, we know, we know), fiance Eric Johnson, who previously agreed to a prenuptial agreement, is now backing out and insisting on an equal share in her fortune, putting the couple's wedding plans on hold.

Jessica Pregnant, Betrayed

“Eric’s completely changed his mind,” an insider says. “He started dragging his feet, refusing to sign the prenup they’d drawn up; now he’s laying this whole guilt-trip on her about how he believes in true love and she should, too."

"A lot of people feel she’s been totally betrayed.”

Delaying the wedding while the down-home traditional Jessica Simpson is pregnant, the insider adds, seems especially callous given her Christian roots.

“Eric knows how important it was to her to be married before the baby,” says the source. “She wanted to rush the wedding so that her child wouldn’t be born out of wedlock, and she wouldn’t walk down the aisle with a massive bump."

"He’s basically used that as a bargaining chip.”

That's cold, Eric Johnson. Shrewd, but cold.


Take her for what she is worth lol


I wouldn't sign it either


I hope Jessica knows better, if he truly loves her he would sign the prenup no questions asked..
I am soooo team Simpson/Lachey... maybe one day they will see they are meant to be..


No signing of the prenuptial then no nothing...... Jess, you can definitely make it because you are Abigail girl now.


He should be marrying her because he loves her not loves her money!
She should not get married atol to this man if thats his interest.
Theres not much difference to being married or not!


This woman has a fortune? How could that be possible? I've never known what she really does. Can someone inform me?


Hollywood stars are so delusional. Now she is worried about her christian roots, get out of here. Her christian roots went down the drian when she had sex before marriage, what part of her christian roots does the pre-num falls in. What book of the bible does it say Cover thy marriage with thy legal contract to keep what is yours and he keeps what is his? Stop it.


That is all fine and dandy but at the same time, she was a part of getting pregnant, she could have waited until getting married to start a family. Granted, the pregnancy could have been unplanned but still......Two people who love each other don't play games like this. IF this is true, which no one knows, then she probably won't end up getting married.

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