Jessica Simpson Confirms: I Am Pregnant!

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We've known for several weeks that Jessica Simpson is pregnant.

The story broke in late September, and photos taken this past weekend showing her baby bump (and her flipping off the cameras) made it increasingly obvious.

Now, any doubt has been erased, since she confirmed it on Twitter:

Jessica Simpson, Mummy

"It's true ... I"m going to be a mummy!" Jessica wrote, posting a spoooky picture of herself in a mummy costume (get it?!?!) and holding her already visible baby bump.

Gotta give her credit for the play on words and timeliness.

This will be the first child for Jessica Simpson and fiance Eric Johnson. They got engaged earlier this year but have not set a wedding date that we know of.

Congrats to the parents-to-be, even if that huge tabloid payday never materialized! Guess even the world's hottest mummy couldn't scare up $500 grand ...


Time to stop bitching around


Its about time she stop bitching around.


JSRagman - your visible hatred points to your rung on the christian ladder.. cast the first stone, and all that.. but AWESOME news for Miss Jessica! she will make a wonderful 'mummy' and glad she announced it the way she wanted to, not like everyone was TRYING to make it. IF she wanted someone to pay up, they would have. This wasn't about revealing her life for $$ but respecting that she did not want to tempt fate and tell anyone. and quit the bs religion/out of wedlock fest .. people need lives when that is all they can spew .. man created that rule, so long as that baby is brought up in a loving home, even if they never marry, that is ALL that matters. Family is just that: family.


Just wonder if the Simpson's are related to the Palin's? Both families come from the Christian cult but both have daughters that got pregnant out of wedlock (not to mention Sarah Palin who was with child when she married her house boy, Todd) but have and did make every effort to capitalize on the pregnancies. Classy folks!


Congrats to Jessica and Eric! Not really a fan of hers but I love the way she confirmed her pregnancy. It was cute!

Jaan black

bastard kids are the new black


I'm predicting it's sex will be.....???? A can of "chicken of the sea" LOL Now she'll finally find out where babies come from too.. What a stupid/talentless girl..


Yes I agree, its very hypocritical!


Id still pound her.


does anyone care? i mean really. i am just shocked that jessica is only 31; seems her annoying self has been around for a few decades. cant get past her "religious" manager father trying to sell this story, sonsidering the daughter is prgnant out of wedlock (oh how so religious of her).

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