Hope Solo and Maksim Chmerkovskiy: Sore Dancing With the Stars Losers?

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Hope Solo and Maksim Chmerkovskiy made it all the way to the semifinals before being eliminated on Tuesday evening's Dancing With the Stars results show.

But instead of going out on a high note, did the soccer star and her mercurial pro partner demonstrate the bad attitude they've been accused of in the past?

Certainly not in the immediate aftermath of their elimination, when they were gracious to one another and to their fans before their last dance of the season:

In the last nine weeks, the pair weren't the first or only couple to be criticized by the judges, but they were the ones who made it into a controversial issue.

Starting with Chmerkovskiy lashing out at Len Goodman, the couple's combative ways - with each other and the judges - was a continual thing all season.

In a video recap of Monday's performances, Solo complained about her scores: "Sevens? The same thing I got in week one. Kiss my booty," she said.

"The scores at this point, the judges at this point mean nothing."

The pair were also overheard swearing about the judges as they awaited their second set of scores during Monday's performances: "F--- 'em," they said.

Hope then reportedly refused all interviews after the program.

What do you think? Did their attitude and competitive ways actually hurt them this season, with the judges and with fans? And are you sad they're gone?


Get rid of those judges and the show will be fun to watch again. They obviously have their favorites from day one of each season. Hooray for Maks for standing up to them.....Carrie Ann is a witch with a capital B. GET RID OF HER.........Len needs to leave NOW.. Hope wasn't the best dancer, but she DID NOT deserve the rude, crude comments. Do these "judges" know the meaning of encouragement?????? I doubt it. Maks is the money maker of the show - no woman will watch if he's not on it.....think about it ABC... show needs retooling NOW. #1: GET RID OF THOSE JUDGES. New blood, new show = great show AGAIN!


I do like Maks but didn't approve of his actions this season.
Hope is pathetic. She is no dancer and should just shut her mouth.
I do agree they give derek all the good ones.\
another one i can't stand is Balas. He sucks big time. Thinks he is
Mr Wonderful and has to keep performing for himself and never for his
pupil. I get sick of seeing him every time he is on.


This should be a dance and not popularity contest. It always has to come down to THE BEST.
The judges have said a lot of unrelated put downs this season to contestants. No wonder the
the pros get tired of harsh comments. Len finally stopped his crabbiness, Bruno can relax,
and Carrie just stick to dancing. Derek and Maks keep the show great. They sizzle.


I don't think Hope deserved to stay as long as she did, and not because of her bad attitude, because of her horrible dancing, she looked like a cow stomping all over the floor, had no sex appeal and stayed the dame skill wise throughout. Don't get me wrong she is so strong and athletic, and I like her as a soccer player, but NOT a dancer! Then she threw in her bad attitude and I was over her from then. I am glad she is gone...and as far as Derek goes, he has had some good partners, but no one knew Ricki Lake would have that skill when she was cast, and she was bigger girl.


Considering that the judges are meant to be professional "judgers", they need to take the job more seriously. They should be judging ONLY the dancing and NOTHING else! This is where the problem lies and I think the public is becoming acutely aware of this. As far as Hope goes, she needs an attitude adjustment and Maxs just needs to grow up, plain and simple.


I do wish Maks and Hope had held their "tongues" a little better, but overall, I really agreed with their dissatisfaction with the judges. Hope certainly belongs in the finals more than Rob. He appears to be a sweet young man who has tried and has improved, but less so than Hope.


Their attitude is what got them eliminated. Max needs a good partner one of these seasons so we can continue to see him rise to the top of the board every week and continue to show off his still, not to mention his great a--! I could watch him all day!


I'm with you Mel! Hey .. does anyone remember Steve Wozniak? I think what he's accomplished in life is a bit more than the judges .. how about Michael Bolton? .. and all the other contestants who were treated like dirt and made fun of. I'm sorry, Chas is not an Ewok or a penguin .. Chas may not have been a good dancer, BUT .. he was an invited guest on that show and should have been treated like you treat guests. I'm sick of Carrie Ann carrying on about some guy shaking his rump and Bruno carrying on about some "sexy mamma" ... they need to judge the dancing ..not the rear ends and the boobs. In fact, as far as I'm concerned, the only boobs on that show are the judges. Maks is one heck of a dancer, a professional dancer and instructor and he doesn't need to be talked down to. Contestants come and go, professional dancers come and go .. the judges came, I think it's time for them to go!


Hope showed a lack of grace in every aspect of this show. The judges have overscored/praised everyone this seaason, she and Maks included. Maks, for his part, did her no favors and should've had his fine ass canned after his mistreatment of her.


Maks needs to take a break. The judges may score their faves but its been that way since season one so it's not exactly a surprise worthy of the outbursts he let fly this year. Moreover, Maks sure wasn't complaining when HE benefitted from that favoritism (cough, cough Kirstie cough cough). He and Hope exemplified poor sportsmanship and I'm embarrassed for him. Take a year off and come back with a better attitude so we can love you again, Maks. Thank goodness for Rob K (did I just say that??)! He brought FUN back after Maks and Hope sucked every ounce of happiness out of that set for weeks.

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