Dancing With the Stars Smackdown: Mad Maksim Chmerkovskiy Calls Out Len Goodman!

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Dancing With the Stars' Maksim Chmerkovskiy leaves it all out on the floor every week, and does not mince words when it comes to his partners - or the judges.

Last night, the brewing tension between Maks and Len Goodman reached critical mass after Hope Solo received some of the lowest scores of the sixth week.

Goodman insisted that Chmerkovskiy and his partner had their "worst dance of the season” and he knows because he has “been in this business for 50 years.”

Maks snapped back, saying “Then maybe it's time to go!”

Ouch. Watch the routine and exchange in question here ...

Afterward, he wasn't about to back down either. “With all due respect, this is my show,” Chmerkovskiy told host Brooke Burke Charvet. “I help make it what it is.”

What do you think? Was Maks out of line here? Or is he just doing his part as a dancer, defending his partner? And does Len have a grudge against Chmerkovskiy?

Whose side are you on?

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Hope is patheteic! She's an insecure hillbilly trying to become a
famous female jock! What's her problem with the crappy attitude.
She needs to come to New York and learn some tude!


Why can't Maks see that his partner simply can't dance. Her constant eye rolling, making faces, and general sucky attitude doesn't help. Maks is one of the best dancers on the show but both him and his partner need to watch the show. Hope doenst even belong with the other finalists. I just watched last nights show and again she is spouting off about how they wanted her off the show from the beginning??? Maybe it is because she can't dance!


Something is wrong with this show....the judges are purposely trying to get Rob K to win...which he doesn't deserve. And they are purposely outting Hope and Max. Keri Ann you are so dam rude and disrespectful to Max...you started the war with him years ago and you are still at it....you should be so ashamed of yourself for your commments today.... And you and the rest of those so-called judges are so friggin fake...the camera caught you guys deliberating together on the marks for the last dance and as soon as you thought the show went to commercial, you all broke away from one another immediately...which just goes to show that you already knew who you were giving your lowest marks to but you had to play it up for the camera...my God you couldn't have made it more obvious.... What a friggin joke this show is!!!... It just makes me realize how much I can't stand entertainment or reality shows anymore...all so dam fake...and mind numbing...


Len Goodman was correct. Hope can't dance. She always complains about the judges. They are just giving constructive criticism. Bruno was harsh about Chaz, but other than that they are very truthful. Suck it up Maks!


Len has a problem ever time Max takes his shirt off ARE any thing else -not w/ other male dancers - his rating for Max is always one or two down -get off the problem w/ MAX AND JUDGE HIM AND PARTNER FAIRLY rt off but not when any other male dancer


All three judges on Dancing with the Stars are so annoying. It's like the show is all about them.


I have been watching DWTS since the beginning. T think all the Judges have gotten beside themselves. Bruno was my favorite, but no longer because he makes people feel bad about themselves. How dare he, HE is not better than anyone and he looks like a Troll anyway.
Keri Ann is a fake ass JLO and Len is an old fart and probably smells like one. If the stars are going to put their stories,then maybe they should give any funds recieved to their charities. For the most part DWTS has made me feel happy.How do the judges pick a certain star and call them names simply for for looking a certain way. I would love to see a new show......DANCING WITH THE JUDGES!


Len is a judge and deserves respect he may be "outspoken" or "rude" at times. However, he gives constructive critisms. Maks was not defending Hope only himself. His arrogence makes me sick, he is unprofessional, and rude to every star that he is partnered with. He has made everyone of them upset/cry and he does not make the show all of the dancers are just as good if not better. I love DWTS but Maks needs to get anger managment or not come back for another season, the show will be better without his ignorance.


The wife and I were big fans of the show, until last week. The judges need to get down off their high horses. The professional dancers need to avoid lowering to the judges level when returning comments. The celebs need to chill out and have fun as well as stop using the show as a forum for their hidden agendas (ie. Chaz). And folks, don't vote for JR becasue he is a military veteran, vote based on his skills (which by the way, he is a great dancer) but the show people need to avoid using the words "War Hero". I am a veteran myself and there are a lot of "War Heroes" out there. This show is for "Entertainment!!!!!!". Everyone should be haveing fun and taking it for what it is.


DWTS is loosing their "class". It is so rude & unnessary to call people names,(Bruno) and comment on their body types. Comments should only be made as to critique the dance steps,timing,effort, performance etc.And,maybe,short,overweight people do have trouble performing with star quality. The show pits various types of people against each other for dancing ability,not to be made fun of. And ,to insult & blame a teacher(Max) for not being able to turn a non-talented guest dancer or one that can not grasp dancing concepts in the short learning time,is absurd & sooo unprofessional. Being a "grouchy old man" or a "loud mouth baffon" does not add to anything pleasant to the show, for me. How about a change in the judges? They are spoiling the show.