Dr. Conrad Murray Shopping Documentary Film

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Just hours before closing arguments in Dr. Conrad Murray's involuntary manslaughter trial, a documentary about the embattled physician is being shopped to networks.

Murray, who faces up to four years in prison in the death of Michael Jackson, has been a part of filming the documentary since being charged earlier this year.

Dr. Murray, as we know, has decided not to take the stand at his trial, but has given long in depth interviews to the film crew ... for whatever that's worth.

Conrad in Court

"This project has been in the works since Murray's arrest," says a source. "It was originally conceived to help him get his reputation back following the case."

"However, another primary driving force of it is to generate money so that Murray can pay his lawyers and experts," the source close to Murray confided.

The N.Y. Post broke the story and says Dr. Conrad Murray is hoping the documentary will earn at least a million dollars. That may be wishful thinking.

Our source says, "Dr. Murray and his lawyers were hoping it would sell for a million, but it looks like the max a network would pay is around $250K."

If Dr. Murray is convicted, that price could go up ... or down.

Closing arguments are set to begin tomorrow morning at 9.


now dr. murray wants to make more money off of michael shopping a documentary film and the bastard refused to take the stand at his trial!!!i guess he can't support his 7 kids with 5 different women and his WIFE!!!!i just hope that this jury gets it right and finds him GUILTY!!


MIcheal Jackson would of freaking killed him himself if he found out that his doctor wanted to kill him. Murray is a dumb ass and should be put in a mental institute.I hate him so fucking much.I LUVE MICHEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am not defending Dr. Murray, and I use that term loosely, however as a criminal defense attorney, he has no duty to get on the stand and "show his side" because he does not have the burden of proof-the prosecution does. Even if someone is actually innocent, it is still sometimes best for them not to testify because of the potential of unfavorable testimony. Additionally, he has a constitutional right to remain silent. I firmly believe he is culpable because he failed to provide adequate care before and after Mr. Jackson stopped breathing. He had a duty to call 911, not call a girlfriend to hide the drugs. Further, even a drug addict deserves reasonable care - and catering to an addiction is not them reasonable standard of care. If this were a medical malpractice suit, it would be in his best interest to settle out of court because he breached his duties as a physician. (I have also worked in plaintiffs malpractice.)


With a $150K/mo. Jackson contract, Murry must have thought he was getting the starring role as Goldfinger with P**sy Galore.


Sonny, please! If Murray wanted to "show his side" he should've got his behind on the witness stand in open court! Just more evidence of his GREED and DESPERATION. Sounds like he knew he wouldn't have a license to practice medicine when this was all said and done.


Mj died in the hands of a professional fact


I'm glad. This man has saved numerous lives throughout his medical career, and deserves to show his side. He's been branded a "murderer" by f'loons, but he has done more good in this world than all of them put together. MJ was a drug addict who died because of his own addiction.