Demi Lovato Shocks, Sings at Latin Grammys

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Shakira was honored at last night's Latin Grammy Awards as the 2011 Latin Recording Academy Person of the Year, referring to the title as the "most important recognition I've received."

But Demi Lovato was the talk of the event.

The 19-year old singer, who temporarily dyed her hair red earlier in the week, walked the red carpet in a VERY revealing dress, one whose top plunged down to her navel. Take a look at the fashion choice from a couple angles below:

Demi Lovato Fashion Choice
Demi Lovato Latin Grammys Outfit

Lovato also took to the stage alongside Pablo Alboran and sang a Spanish single titled "Solamente tu." Check out that performance HERE and vote on her dress now:

Demi's dress is...



Oh my God she is so hot,hot. I wish I were a boy.


What?! demz is like my sister im here for you demz:)


Umm first of all its not the red carpet its the green carpet ;)


We all know how people would react if Miley Cyrus showed this much cleavage! That being said, both she and Demi Lovato are adults and have the right to wear whatever they want. And they're not on disney channel anymore.


im glad hes embracing her latin roots. She is half hispanic after all right? Lovato is a hispanic last name.


Her dress is on backwards, but I doubt men are complaining


she use to be in a kids show wow its like everything is changing and celebrity's are growing up so fast


@big daddy
get your facts straight, she had bipolar disorder which led to depression and eaiting disorders which led to cutting. none of the rehab stuff was her fault.


They, I mean she's so hot I had a nasty, nasty thought!!


Demi's super-hot. Her dress isn't so much inappropriate as just plain ugly.

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