Anna Benson: Baseball Wives' Sex Toy Wielding Maniac!

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Baseball Wives, a spinoff of Basketball Wives, premieres tonight on VH1, and when it does, Anna Benson, the craziest baseball wife of all, will be front and center.

For those unfamiliar with the wife of former Mets pitcher Kris Benson, she's one of the few baseball wives to ever overshadow the player, who was fairly average.

Nothing average about Anna, a stripper and former Playboy model who once threatened to sleep with the entire Mets organization if Kris cheated on her. Anyway.

During a recent Wives taping, she got into it with Cheri Knoblauch - wife of former Yankee standout Chuck Knoblauch - in an altercation involving sex toys. Really.

Anna Benson Pic

According to reports, Anna Benson pulled out a stun gun and set it on a table (gal's like a female, reality TV version of Gilbert Arenas) in front of her threateningly.

Then, she produced a 12-inch dildo from her purse and started swinging!

Why wield that over the stun gun? Wo carries around a 12-inch dildo? Where do you buy a purse big enough for that faux manhood? Questions for another time.

Sources connected with the show say some of the cast members and even the staffers are now threatening to quit, because they can't handle Anna's insanity.

Show execs, meanwhile, are trying to contain Anna. Good luck there.



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Anna has a past where people can easily judge her.. but I honestly feel like she is really beautiful.. and I would love to meet her because I am a fan. Its not right for people to say feel sorry for her kids.. or they will be just like her... that none of anyones DAMN ( excuse my language) business about what goes on in her home. Don't say stupid things just because your hiding behind a computer. There isn't any guidline book to be a mother that says " be the opposite of anna benson". We are all human.. im sure everyone knows someone that had a past like anna... or someone you know, knows someone like her. We should all love and accept eachother.Who is anyone to judge?


Can you imagine bringing Anna home to meet your parents? Hi mom, heres my future wife, she comes from the trailor park, no education, has a kid, is a stripper, has no manners. His poor parents!


I nearly fell over when I saw Anna Benson on Baseball Wives. How int he world did she get a baseball player to amrry her. She is so trailor park and has no morals, no ethics, and no manners. Anna Benson is disgusting!


What in the world was Kris Benson thinking when he married that trashy low life stripper?? He must be weird and into porn. What a horrible women Anna Benson is. He must be ashamed of her, I know I would. Yikes!!!!


I thought that Kris Benson must have disappointed his parents to marry Anna his wife the stripper. You would have thought that he could have done better. Anna Benson is just trash, no education, no morals, and so trashy talking. He could have done better. His kids will be the same, so pathetic. He could have done better!!


Thats so weird that Kris Benson would marry a stripper?? Kinda lame, he must be weird too. Anna is very uneducated and low class, she is really trailor park, so sad for her kids.


Still watching the show. Anna is great. She makes no excuses and says what she thinks. I loved her comments about animals as a resource. She is the only reason I kept watching.


Just caught the show, and that Anna chick looks NOTHING like the picture you posted. That much have been from 15 years ago!

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