Courtney Love: Lindsay Lohan Sober Coach?!

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Lindsay Lohan is getting some terrific mentoring these days.

In a textbook case of the blind leading the blind, Courtney Love tells Details she is personally taking over as her sobriety coach, "because nobody else will."

We can sorta see that, and it takes one to know one, right? That's what the 47-year-old Hole singer and widow of Kurt Cobain says makes her a great fit.

With her help, Court says, Lindsay will be at the morgue, but only for community service!

For the Love of Courtney
Lindsay Lohan is a Ghost

Love says Lohan, 25, is "much further down the line than I was" in her issues, noting that she came of age before the intense scrutiny of celebrity gossip world.

She cites her own iconic husband's mishandling of fame as a reason for her downfall. "I was co-dependent, and decided to become a junkie with him,” she said.

Love, who says she’s been clean since 2005, also recalled an incident in which she tried to use her past behavior to show Lohan that drug use is life abuse.

"I went up to Lindsay's room and there was a show on called 101 Celebrity Oops and I am like every other one, you know - boobs out, legs everywhere, throwing $h!t at Madonna, you know, whatever," she recalled. "I'm like 'Lindsay, look! Drugs are bad!'"

Maybe this is going to work out great after all ...

Can crazy Lohan stay clean?


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