Angelina Jolie "Can't Hide the Crazy," Friends Say

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Angelina Jolie is freaking nuts. Or so says the obligatory celebrity gossip tabloid cover story that seems to surface like clockwork when it's a slow news week.

Hey, they can't all scoop the Kourtney Kardashian pregnant story.

According to so-called friends and assistants, she's a drunken, child-abusing gambling addict who eats a weird ass diet of cream-based soups. Nice.

Angelina Jolie is Crazy

With six kids, sometimes you gotta drink alone in the bedroom, right??!

If you believe In Touch, the talented actress, director and humanitarian portrayed in last weekend's 60 Minutes interview has a dark side. Or at least a really weird one.

Looking for proof? Look no further than this tell-all quote:

“She was an odd duck, even as a child,” shares the friend, who confides that back in high school, Angelina once wore the same shirt every day for nearly two months.

And, not surprisingly after all that, “she’s still strange.”

Do you like Angelina Jolie?


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People and their bullshit...angelina is a knd lady and its all her haters who all are making some fake rumours...i support Angelina Jolie 😊 peace out


I do believe everyone need some time to rest..she need too...


I do believe everyone has different character and not all in same time. She need to take some rest too..


Bosnia shoot is go! According to Huffington Post priemt granted. Btw, US magazine reports (no photos, tho) that Brad took Maddox and Pax to the shoot. The JoliePitts enjoyed a picnic of hotdogs and paninis last Sunday. boys


Wow, where can i get my hands on one of those dsrsees. Must be about 1-2 grand if its versace or even 3! i want this dress for my formal but in black Dressmaker here i come


I don t understand all the allegations of Angelina JOlie. WHAT IF SHE HAS CRAZY PMS MOMENTS? IS she not allowed to be a regular woman? Women just freak out from time to time. With NO KID, With one kid, and with SIX kids. And all the crazy bitches (yes, dear jealous women, we all are crazy bitches) that can t stand the woman, just because she has the beautiful husband and gorgeous kids.... I am so sorry for u


Wish god can bang'the crap out of that pig headed assistnt.angie has a loving heart.and she will never hurt her children.tha fucking creepy assistnt must roote in hell for her fucking stupidity'nd ignorant.she only had a mouth to talk rubbish bt she cnt help those who are in need.


You are crazy. Not her. And you are not good friend of her.Go away, skank


She is the most beautiful women. She got so many jealous bitches


Hey, bitches. Leave Jolie and her family alone. Care yourself

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