THG Caption Contest: Courtney Stodden and Her Pumpkin Patch (Incident)

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Welcome, gossip fans, to another edition of THG's Caption Contest!

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    Doug: if they couldn't handle the heat, they should have gotten outta the patch


    Dr. Drew:
    So let me get this straight. You want us to believe that you aren't 45 and that your husband isn't a pedophil?


    Doug: So yesterday we went Shopping for courtneys new lingerie
    Courtney:you loved that didnt you my honey pooh?
    Drew:Leave winnie the pooh out of this


    Me and my husband are the Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montage of the moment. I can Not help it if I think that I am too hot to trot!!


    Dr. Drew: So, how do you respond to being deemed too inappropriate for a pumpkin patch?

    Courtney: The men seemed to like it!!

    Dr. Drew: Mhm, and how do you respond to allegations that your true age is more around 40 and you look like a washed up old whore?

    Courtney: Meth.


    LOL — a blind man can see right through that girl’s phony behavior..

    She’s such an awful actress … that she actually practices … during her interviews … in front of her husband (and the world) … how she will ‘FAKE her ORGASMS’ for later..

    She is the WORST ‘beard’ (ooops .. no wait … I meant … ‘bride’ … yeah .. that’s what I meant … ‘bride’ … lol) EVER.


    Also … does anyone else wonder if Courtney Stodden may secretly be … the ‘prom-nigh­t bathroom stall’ baby of … famous televangel­ist ‘Tammy Faye Baker’?.

    Come on … just admit it … they both look a lot alike –especiall­y ‘around the eyes’. LOL.


    "Well, Dr. Drew, if you consider my age in dog years, I'm around 17 too."


    I don't know why they didn't like my outfit. I had the pumpkins showing on top and my patch in the bottom.


    Courtney to dr drew: hahaha I was lingering longing for a change in style so i popped into pumpkin patch. but after the clothes being too big for me i peaced out with my yummy husband hahaha


    i remember the day my wife was born like it was yesterday!

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