Courtney Stodden Booted from Pumpkin Patch for Revealing Outfit, Responds Via Scripture

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Courtney Stodden got ejected from a pumpkin patch this weekend for... well, being Courtney Stodden.

According to reports, the 17-year old and her middle-aged husband, Doug Hutchison, were simply minding their own business in Santa Clarita Valley, getting into the Halloween spirit, when parents around them complained about Stodden's revealing outfit. 

It was comprised of a plaid shirt, tied into a knot on her bare stomach, and short jean shorts.

Courtney Stodden Close Up

Adria Fauldoner of the Lombardi Pumpkin Patch backs up the story, telling E! News that Stodden exhibited "inappropriate behavior."

"We try to keep our wholesome reputation," Fauldoner said. "There wasn't anything in particular they were doing - just inappropriate."

How did Courtney respond to this alleged diss? By appropriately quoting John 7:24, of course: "Have a beautifully blessed Sunday! :) Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment," she Tweeted.

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LOL — a blind man can see right through that girl’s phony behavior.. She’s such an awful actress … that she actually practices … during her interviews … in front of her husband (and the world) … how she will ‘FAKE her ORGASMS’ for later.. She is the WORST ‘beard’ (ooops .. no wait … I meant … ‘bride’ … yeah .. that’s what I meant … ‘bride’ … lol) EVER. ----------­----------­----------­--. Also … does anyone else wonder if Courtney Stodden may secretly be … the ‘prom-nigh­t bathroom-stall’ baby of ... late televangel­ist ‘Tammy Faye Baker’?. Come on ... just admit it ... they both look a lot alike –- especiall­y ‘around the eyes’. LOL.


@ blaize thank you for your respond and glad your not like most people on here throwing cuss words and insults on those who have different opinions. Yes well about the outfit description.. They just released some pictures online and I forgot what site I saw them on, I believe it was The Huffington Post. You should see them and well her two buttcheeks are practically out in the open. Idk just thought you should look and decide if you think it's appropriate or not. I sure wouldn't want my little ones seeing that well just my thoughts.


@Araceli: I agree that a lot of her behavior is inappropriate. It's just that the description of her outfit doesn't sound revealing enough for people to get upset over.


@Blaize....ummm ok? I even said if she wants to dress like that then whateves. I didn't say woman can't wear what they want I said she shouldn't dress that way in a family setting. And come on have you seen C.S. She wears all her clothes 2 sizes TOO small. So yea she was being too revealing. Oh and her behavior was inappropriate obviously. Still don't believe me that she is EXTREMELY revealing? I did the mistake out of curiosity to go to her Twitter account. I was disturbed beyond words. I cannot believe it..,she literally sounds dumb and is all about SEX. Not a little but ALL about SEX. She makes it seem like her entire life revolves around SEX. Yes, sex is a part of life but sex is NOT life. For those who think CS isn't revealing or inappropriate I suggest y'all read her Tweets. I'm not hating on her cuz well I don't know her, but it's obvious the type of person she is and wants the world to see her as. :/


Its not that she was kicked out because if what she was wearing, it was due to how she was behaving. who goes to a pumpkin patch and humps pumpkins? this is a kid friendly environment, there were kids all around. How would you feel if your kids were exposed to this. The pumpkin patch kicked her putt due to complaints not strictly because of how she was dressed


@Araceli: A woman has the right to dress however she wants. It's not like she showed up in a bra and a thong. She was wearing a shirt that showed her stomach and a pair of short shorts. Since when is the sight of someone's legs and stomach wrong or dangerous for the eyes of kids?


let her wear what she wants, its funny.


This chick is gross!
who just wants attention!!!


I agree, Araceli. You can look sexy and feminine without looking like a streetwalker... For me I either show my legs and cover the ladies or visa versa.. showing too much skin doesn't attract the right people, make the right statement, or get respect. She just needs a mentor