Susan Sarandon on Pope Benedict XVI: Nazi!

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Susan Sarandon is an outspoken liberal who has once again generated controversy with a statement.

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    The Seventh Commandant states," Thou shall not commit adultery". So why did the Catholic Church molester and systematically rape well in excess of 200 million children.? Did God give his permission. They the Catholic Church are terrorist a\nd should be classified as "persona non gratia" in all civilations worldwide


    Good for her! She should have said the catholic church was nazi though! The Papacy has done more to promote war than any other organization on the planet, & should be exposed as anti God itself. It is not obedient to the laws God gave, therefore, it is not from God the creator. 'Thou shalt not kill', 'men shall not lie with men for unnatural purposes.' This church's own priests think that it's ok, "It falls short of the ideal, but it isn't REALLY a sin because it's not really sex", Who you friggin' kidding? Licentiousness is sin. Be Gay by all means, but NOT if you claim to represent God, who despises such behaviour. I think more people should say it!


    Over the top US religious nonsense - he is, by his own admission of his past!!

    Get over it - just cos he was voted top to become the pope doesn't automatically absolve him from his past.

    Like you Americans always forgive/ forget ordinary criminals past and give them another chance NOT!!!

    @Ty - Umm what on earth has the left got to do with this?

    What's the difference here Eh?


    it's too bad.... she used to have really nice tits....


    She will burn in hell for this!


    he was a kid! Lots of children had to join the Hitlerjugend and no one asked if they like it. Kids had no human rights under this regime and no choice. It was a very bad time and difficult to escape such an situation. Does she know him personally and said something wrong or why is she talking such nonsense?


    Susan Sarandon's inaccurate, inappropriate, hateful remark is highly offensive and simply stupid. We all know that "You can't fix stupid", so stick to acting, Susan.


    For some unknown reason actors think they know everything and have the right to say whatever the think. Did she forget about the freedom of religon and it's is disrespectful to put another's religion down. Your and aging actress, stick to you job and keep your insults to yourself and about your imperfections. You are not perfect by any stretch of the imagination and neither am I. I'm catholic and it amazes me that people think nothing of insulting my religion but do it to them and catholics are all alike. Get over yourself. Your just an actor. Not God. Respect others as you would like them to respect you.


    The far left is so stupid.


    Wow!!! Y'all are so quick to defend this lady and throw the freedom of speech card! Oh but when Obama was compared to Hitler...God forbid. Oh no!!!! I know the Pope is not God but he IS a religious figure. I was right when I said people put Obama before God. Cuz God's names is used in vain EVERYDAY and no one cares. If you all researched the Popes y'all would see that they do more than just speak out a balcony. They've done the world better than O has done in his whole term. Geesh, have respect for the Pope even if it ain't your religion or belief. I agree, I bet she doesn't even know what a Nazi is.

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