Pregnant Jessica Simpson Looks to Cash in on Kid

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As far as we're concerned, Eric Johnson made Jessica Simpson pregnant and that's a fact. She has not denied this report, and all signs point to its accuracy.

She hasn't officially confirmed anything, however, and reportedly will not do so until she secures a magazine deal for at least $500,000, Page Six reports.

Somehow not surprising in the least.

Jessica Simpson Covering Her Baby Bump

With the help of her father/manager/pimp Joe Simpson, Jessica refuses to say she is expecting until she had a deal in place. But will she be able to get one?

This isn't exactly 2003 here. While still a celebrity by any measure, Jess is no longer all the rage these days. Her last movie and album were ... we forget.

Plus, how many gossip mags are going to drop half a mill just to "break" this news ... especially after In Touch already did a month ago? Quite unclear.

The longer she walks around hiding her obvious bump (see Jessica Simpson photos) and saying nothing only diminishes the chances of a big payday too.

You can admit it, Jess. Share the joyous news. Then you can stop walking around in black, baggy clothes looking ridiculous with giant bags in front of you.

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]


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yeah. i think i read it in the erquiner…maybe it was people…but either way…i saw it on the news. ABC 13.


LOVE HER ! and love her soul.. what a beautiful free spirit. This intelligent lady brings in MILLIONS a year with her designs, don't believe me: She wasn't looking for a pay out, she don't NEED it! She wanted privacy until she was ready to announce it.. baby bumps have a way of outing the mommies though :) Wishing her and that little one, all the health, love and happiness


i want to know jessica preg or not


Were we desperate for a topic, or what? She's famous, she got pregnant. Is she never supposed to have children because she's famous, and so must be guilty of doing so to 'cash in'? God, that's retarded!

Carol worth

Ya know...I get so disgusted with all this garbage. If she's indeed pregnant, it's HER business. Why all the vitriol? Let the poor girl be, for Heaven's sake! ~0:-/


ok, I totally have reread the abortion comment and it does not even make sense. so I misunderstood it completely! maybe u need to reread what u wrote because it doesn't make sense. u are saying they are having babies because they have had too many abortions but then u called out Khloe who can't get pregnant?! oh well, none of of this really is our business anyway. I just couldn't believe how mean some of u are.


oh my word this is easily the most pointless and idiotic discussion. @Olivia, as u so freely judge others and understand Christianity then u must realize that premarital sex is not the only sin in the world. calling her a hypocrite after she has been married well, its pretty much just mean! I am sure all of us can look at our on lives and see that we do things everyday that are not in accordance with God's ways. Your judging her and being mean is not right either. ALso to the comment about all the celebrities having abortions!! wow...that is horrible to say that because u do not know them and u do not know that! To dare say God is punishing Khloe Kardarshian for a mistake she might have made early in her life by not allowing her to have a baby now just proves u and i do not know same God! i am so sorry for u! i am not condoning jessicas actions but lets all be careful about judging too harshly!!


Doesn't Jessica Simpson have enough money already? Honest to God, nothing seems sacred in Hollywood anymore. It's all about the money. To have let Nick Lachey go and then to have a baby with that geeky puppy dog fiancee that follows her around like an idiot tells me that Ms. Simpson needs her head examined.


One of the reason the "STARS" are having babys is that they have had too many abortions and cant have anymore. Think about that Chloe Kardashin

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