Jessica Simpson: Pregnant!!!!!!

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Jessica Simpson is pregnant, according to In Touch!

Eric Johnson totes probably knocked her up! Jessica recently attended Eric's 32nd birthday party, where she sent back her glass of champagne for a birthday toast.

Turns out they had something even bigger to celebrate. A source close to the 31-year-old singer and her fiance says they are expecting their first child.

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson Picture

Jess has sorta looked pregnant for a while. Now she actually is!

"She's already having kooky cravings!" a friend shares, especially nacho chips dipped in chocolate, "which satisfy her urge for salty and sweet." Nice.

Despite the fact that there's one more "guest" (and that "Jessica might have to take out her dress a bit"), their plans to marry haven't changed ... although they reportedly put the wedding on hold "indefinitely." Wonder why.

While not everyone would consider the timing ideal, the pair considers the baby to be "the best wedding gift ever." Jess is reportedly due in the spring.

Congrats again if it's true, which seems fairly likely!

UPDATE: Nearly a month later, Jessica has neither confirmed nor denied the story, but is looking increasingly pregnant in various photos taken of her.

The latest rumor is that she's holding out to make the big announcement on a celeb news tabloid cover soon, if the price is right. So ... there's that.


Good point. I hadn't thhgout about it quite that way. :)


Finally a woman who is big n proud of it but hey she is pregnant so more power to her. I hate these celebrities who still want to live on bird feed while they are pregnant so they dont gain weight ! get over yourselves! Your child will love you unconditionally where the public will not. Good for JS for putting her baby first ! At least she is having the child herself unlike Beyonce ! fake pregnancy


It's a pleasure to find such raitonaltiy in an answer. Welcome to the debate.


For those that say she looks huge... get a clue.
She is pregnant. She looks absolutely HOT!!




WOW, She's HUGE already!!


I hope their child never reads this article. He knocked her up?? That sounds so romantic and loving. Jeez could the writer be any more disrespectful here?


For Henderson wtf are u sayn. That shit doesnt even make any sense. I have a 3 year old who can write and talk better than that!!! As for all of Jessica Simpsons haters get over it yall just mad shes happy and yall not! Congrats and Good luck to Jess and her future hubby:)


Lmao at all the Jessica Simpson Haters!! btw she is the BEST so ha


Blah Blah Blah LMAO at all you HATERS!!!

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