Mitt Romney, Rick Perry Really Dislike One Another

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No offense to Herman Cain, but it looked like Mitt Romney and Rick Perry were the only two serious candidates for president at last night's Republican debate.

At least from the way they treated one another.

Perry, the Texas governor, has fallen in the polls of late with Cain emerging as a more conservative alternative Romney, the former Massachusetts governor.

But while Cain still got plenty of attention Tuesday in Las Vegas, exchanges between Perry and Romney over immigration and health care dominated the night.

Personal exchanges that devolved into the kind of vitriolic attacks normally reserved for a general election ... or a bar fight. Watch one "highlight" below:

Perry clearly knocked the normally unflappable Mitt off his game, but it remains to be seen whether this helps lift his own standing or lowers Romney's.

Either way, another great episode of the best reality show on TV.

Who got the best of this exchange?




There is a saying in that goes like this. "If George W. Bush and Rick Perry were brothers, George would be considered the smart one!". That kind of says it all.


Thumbs up to Romney! Our country needs a complete turn-around before it is too late.


Republicans suck!


Yes my fellow americans.... These people are the only hope for this country. Didnt hear one real jobs plan or if anyone will finally be charged for our 2008 economic collapse. Nope lets jus point and fight thats exactly what the ppl want right now. This country is so going to shit and china will be numba one very soon


Romney is so smart he could do alot for this country. I was watching the debate last night. Perry is rude and disrespectful he would say something ridiculous then when it's Mitts time to talk he would talk over h. Perry is just a jerk.

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