Michael Jackson's Kids Honor Dad in Wales

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Christina Aguilera rocked the house and Jennifer Hudson no-showed, but the big story of the Michael Forever tribute concert was the appearance by his kids.

Michael Jackson's children Prince, 14, Paris, 13 and Blanket, 9, took the stage briefly in Cardiff, Wales, to introduce a live satellite performance by Beyonce.

"We're very happy to be here on this special night to honour our father," said Paris, dressed in an exact replica of the jacket MJ wore in his "Thriller" video.

Prince's outfit conjures up images of "Bad," while young Blanket went for one of his dad's more recent looks, with the long hair and the signature armband:

Michael Jackson Kids
Prince, Paris, Blanket Jackson

The legendary singer, perhaps the single most successful artist in modern music, died in 2009 aged 50 while rehearsing for a series of comeback concerts.

The Michael Forever tribute concert coincides with the involuntary manslaughter trial of the singer's doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray, currently underway in L.A.

Prince, Paris and Blanket have agreed to boycott coverage of the trial, though Prince has also said he will testify if called by the prosecution in the case.

Michael's brothers Jermaine and Randy boycotted the tribute show, calling it ''ill-timed'' and 'inappropriate'' given the criminal proceedings taking place.

Janet Jackson was less opposed to the show, but declined to perform because it would be "too painful". In any case, here's a video of Michael Jackson's kids ...


Paris barely showed any compassion, when Blanket was upset at this tribute. What was she thinking?


this kid ar wonderful, blanket looks more like his father micheal jackson


Love the support & strength that you guys have for your Dad! Good Luck in life & stay Strong!! You have a wonderful family!! P.S especially Grandma!!! :}


Looking at these three brave children warms my heart. They have experienced a devastating loss at very early ages. Any child that loses a parent at their ages might very likely need to speak to a professional. Talent is in these kids genes...i pray i'm around to see the three of them reach their full potential.


@Nelly, naming two kids the same thing IS ridiculous. Just look at George Foreman. But Michael Jackson didn't do that. His kids legal given names are: Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. (nickname Prince)
Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson
Prince Michael Jackson II (nickname Blanket) Technically, if people wanted to call them by their given names, it'd be Michael, Paris-Michael and Prince.


It is nice that the kids, wanted to do something for there DAD. Please are so quick to point fingers, everyone have the right to name their children what they like. I feel that the children should be in school, and that Katherine, should not been able to raise the children, she is at an age, that she can not make sound judgments on what the children, should be doing at there age. The children are been expoitate. Is there something else that we can talk about, MJ can't rest. Everyone want to blame Dr. Murphy, he is not the only one that should be blame, he did not do this by himself. What happen to the other DR's. that was given him Medication and MJ hisself. We talk about money people forget about people.


no matter wat blankets name is


The kids at yet another public appearance, in honor of their late father? There is nothing quite like the smell of exploitation. Perhaps giving the children to Katherine wasn't such a wise idea. They should be in school, out of the public eye.


I know blanket was a name Micheal gave him not his offical name his children has experience the agony of their dads death and will never forget this ordeal just trying to get thru it this quack doctor who was there for the wrong reasons ignorance&greed had no dedication for the medical profession, it was all about the money he could get from MJ let alone the affairs he was having with strippers fathering chiidren outside of his marriage what a LAME! This man disgust me he should have his US citizenship revoke! as far as I'm concern...I just pray for Micheal Jacksons children and Mom and pray his children have a enrich life after this experience because this should'nt have happen the way it did case of GROSS NELIGENCE....(CHICAGO)


Michael Jackson shouldn't have been allowed to name kids..or state should have stopped it. Naming 2 kids the same name is idiotic!!

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