Did Jennifer Hudson Stand Up the Michael Jackson Tribute Concert?

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While Christina Aguilera made like The King of Pop at the Michael Forever tribute concert in Cardiff, Wales last night, former American Idol finalist Jennifer Hudson did not attend the event - and her absence is raising a few questions this morning.

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    Keepinitreal: No, the reason why Jennifer Hudson did not win AI is because she is winning now. AI is just another show. Jhud is winning all over the world where you are not. Calling Jen ghetto, and scank just show how low class you are and where you are really from. If she is truely all those things, then you are 100 times worst media whore. The media told lies, and you ran with it so you are also a liar. Jen was not paid for the event, because she did not even go to the UK. The producers was told way ahead of time Jhud was not coming for very good reasons. Now who's looking like an ass!!!


    I miss u Michel... Like a lot, I wish u were still here with us


    I love Michael, and i agree too many concerts, turn his home into a tourist place like Elvis!


    norma you ignorant sl*t, jhud took the paycheck then didnt show up to do da concert! you must be as ghetto as jhud to not think there is somethin wrong with dat. jhud is waitin for u in the hood, beyotches!


    Keepinitreal: First off, the real news is when people like you show how you can be a jackass just with words. Jennifer Hudson explained all she needed, to the Jackson family. Haters like you need to look at your own mean spirited crappy life, before judging others. Not having you as a Jhud fan won't make are break her career. I bet you don't have any real are good reason for disliking her. Then such a cowart, you did not have the balls to use your real name. There is nothing irresponible about Jen, you just wished you walked a mile in her shoes from the ghetto(hater0.


    it aint news to anyone when jhud is irresponsible. that ghetto beyotch dont know how to be professional because she be from the projects. can take the beyotch outta da ghetto but you cant take the ghetto outta da beyotch! theres a reason that scank didnt win idol. just keepin it real.


    To win the trial for Michael.


    Jackson's been dead for 2 years already. How many tributes does he need? Or -- are the family and promoters simply cashing in because they can - ka-ching!

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