Lee DeWyze Dropped from Record Label

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He won season nine of American Idol, but Lee DeWyze has lost out on a record deal.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, RCA Records CEO Peter Edge has confirmed that DeWyze is no longer a member of that label, making him the latest Idol champion to have trouble finding post-show success. Lee's debut album, 2010’s "Live It Up," sold just over 168,000 copies.

“The best Idol results come from doing great A&R," Edge said. "The TV platform provides amazing coverage, but if you don't have the right songs, it doesn't really mean a whole hell of a lot, because we've seen American Idol winners come and go in a heartbeat."

Those still on the label include Kris Allen, David Cook, Jordin Sparks, Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson.

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Ok people listen here....I want you to go out and at least do what he did on A.I. You probably wouldn't have lasted 5 seconds and he lasted 5 months. He was voted for and won. Regardless of the outcome now he won. He is a class act guy who turned his life around. I predict that he will come out with an album that will take him off the ground. Maybe not a Carrie Underwood or Kelly Clarkson but something more than he is now. He got a boost in his career and well that is life. We all hit walls but if we are strong we bounce back up. He is strong. BTW latowanda learn how to write. And idolluvr you need help. Don't knock someone down. You are just jealous. If you don't like his music then don't listen to it. Enough said.


ha! real u be so funy! when i be wachin dis boi on tv all i tout be he needs to drop dem pants! he fine for white boi and lik to see dem tite buns but his singin is just plane rong. he should do nud modling, porno, haha!


I believe that being a "American Idol" winner and then trying to make it in the already crowded music business is like going to bat with one strike against you. The winners were crowned by the public which put too much emotion and preference for the musicical style they are already listening to. Is there room for another singer that sounds like all the others you hear on the radio? There is the problem.


Its so hard in the music industry today, i feel bad for him.


this guy has a cute body and id like to tap it but he doesnt have the talent. he knew himself he wasn't winner material but got the popularity vote. he should do some nude modeling and give the public what they really want from him - just shut up and strip!


This guy never should have won American Idol in the first place. Wouldn't take his album if it was given to me! Hope to never hear of him again. Go back to the paint store Lee.. I'm sure they'll give you your job back. You've got to be able to mix paint better than you can sing. Oh wait.... you CAN'T sing!


Well, none of us really felt Lee deserved to be AI. Crystal was sooo very much more talented and deserved. But when ya have buddies phoning in guess it counts at times when it shouldn't Lee needs to develop more personality. He is rather dead.

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