Kim Kardashian Asks: What Have I Done?!?

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Kim Kardashian is reportedly miserable in her marriage.

According to the latest issue of reputable supermarket tabloid Life & Style, the reality star - who will take on NYC again next month, as previewed HERE - believes she moved too quickly with Kris Humphries and recently said to a friend:

"I didn't know marriage was going to be so hard."

Speaking of hard, Ray J once videotaped himself and Kim... nevermind. Too easy.

Kim Kardashian on Life & Style

Another pal of Kim's tells the magazine that Kim doesn't think she's "ready for the commitment" that comes with being a wife, which goes along with what THG readers have been saying for months.

They don't see this union lasting long, as evidenced by the following poll results. Vote now and make your voice heard: How long will the marriage between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries last?




Kim, PLEASE do not beat yourself up. I saw he was too immature for you from the beginning, and I saw during the wedding arrangements yu vaslilated between totally in love and wanting to run, But you were in too deep. I am 52 yrs old. Been there done that and had all the insults with it. I thought it would last maybe a yr, but I give kudos to your for realizing it was not going to work so soon, lifting-your chin up, and saying,"iT'S MY LIFE"! i BELEIVE YOUR TRY LOVE IS REGGIE BUSH! Not just because I am the biggest Saints fan in the state of LA. But you two worked. Same work ethic, Sexual tension. I think he is the love of your life. I never liked Kris for you from the moment I saw him. Too immature, brazen, uncouth. You are a classy lady. From an old southern lady, "Tomorrow is another day"! Take care honey. You are in my prayers. When you see the hate mail, just delete it. What the hell do they know about you?!


Kim u took d right action kris didnt luv i 4 who u are


the mistake they re all making is that,they shld stp puting their family lifes on tv,including kendra. Thing will definately go wrong,coz they re trying to impress people nt satisfying themselves,that led to d fake weding u can c as she quote'she did nt want to dissapoint people' marriage is nt a matter of marying out of pity. Their life style is bad ,they shld change 4 good. 4 them nt to die single at their old age.


Kim! Why did you marry this fool anyway. He is not good looking, he doesn't have a job. He tried to break up you and Khloe's relationship. I personally think he's got it hot for Khloe. He is so jealous of her relationship with Lamar. I would never marry noone who treats my family like S--- He is such a dog. Kim you dont need to be married to anyone. WHY? He throws you around like a dirty dog. WOW!!! Lamar treats Khloe like a queen that she is.Kourtney please dont make a mistake that your sister did.


FOOLS RUSH IN!!! All I can say is women should take the time to get to know someone before they make the ultimate committment which is what marriage is suupposed to be!!! I just got out of a 6mos relationship w/a coworker or should I say excoworker who wuzn't the person that I thought he wuz we all put on best face @ work but he turned out to be a psychoic immature confused substance abusing SCHMUCK!!!


Cant find true love if ur always throwing ur goodies at everyone. then the guy feels like all he got is left overs!


Humphries must have finally listend to Ice Cube: "Can't trust a big butt and a smile."


Go for Shingo, kimberley. U r the best.


Go away, cant stand you!!!

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