Loser Brad Womack Keeps Calling Emily Maynard

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Brad Womack really needs to get over it and move on. Emily Maynard, who's dating Jeremy Shockey, clearly us. But the two-time Bachelor star refuses to let go.

That's the report from the new issue of Us Weekly, which says Brad "calls Emily every day and at all hours!" Unfortch for B-Dubs, "She just doesn't pick up."

"They actually haven't spoken for months."

Emily Maynard, Brad Womack Picture

Maynard, mom to six-year-old daughter Ricki, started dating NFL player Shockey this fall, and was previously linked to David Smith after splitting with Brad.

Brad is apparently far from pleased with either choice.

He's continually "filled up her voicemail with messages of him crying, saying how upset he was that she was with someone else," the source reveals.

At the same time, the typically non-committal stiff isn't sure he wants to be with her ... he's just jealous and pining for her because he can't have her.

As such, Emily "just feels like he is so messed up!"

Ben Flajnik, you have some pathetic shoes to fill.

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