Kate Gosselin on Target to Cut Family Budget

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Gone are the days of $700 haircuts. Here are the days of Kate Gosselin spotted out and about in Reading, Pa., at Target with daughters Mady and Cara.

They sure got huge since the Jon and Kate Plus 8 glory days!

The infamous reality mom did a little early holiday shopping as the paparazzi, who are somehow still camped out in middle-of-nowhere-PA, looked on:

Kate Gosselin, Mady and Cara
Kate Gosselin at Target

Ever since her reality show got dropped by TLC, Kate has been whining that she'll be broke without Kate Plus 8, but has apparently come back to earth a bit.

In addition to shopping at Target and spending time at home, she's been running a website and Twitter account detailing the ins and outs of life as a mom.

A recent entry dealt with attacking the laundry. Last night she added:

“Can I just say how HAPPY I am to b in my bed??! What a day oh my oh my! I smile at my bed after days like these! GN all! Life beat me up 2day!xoxo”

We can't speak for anyone else, but consider us enlightened.

[Photos: Pacific Coast News]


Kate has already shown how great this woman is and how she can handle so many issue with grace and stamina. Is the end of the show a crush? Definitely, not for Kate. On the
contrary, probably it can be the right point to get rid of publicity for some time and have some privacy. One more point: didn’t Kate already show that she can tame budgeting issues with easy regardless of the income level they have? It’s just the matter of clever approach, and Kate proved she can cope with it.


like really she hits leah for blowing a whistle and just hits her like give it up ur on the phone and if u were on the phone go in the freaking house for buddah sake.!


I want to see Kate wearing diapers,rhumba pants and a baby doll dress.


Good for Kate. Determine to do what ever it takes to take care of the kids. She really looks like she is doing something wrong. Really give it a break, shopping at Target, bed, bath, and beyond, etc. I guess we should all be put into the media as a bad person. OMG.


I think she was out of control she needed to come down to earth who cares where she shops let that woman be stop giving her any attention before they give her another show thats what these producers want .oh let's see how many people follow her does she has enough ratings to go back on the air.I used to watch her when she first came on then she got exstreamly boring she stopped looking like a concerned mom and looked more like someone wanting to be a movie star.


Doesn't look very happy. She is a single mother, but i've seen single mothers do better then her. She just isn't trying so now her poor childern are suffering. She acts as if its harder for her than anyone else. Sorry, but get over yourself.


Another site showed her in the store before she paid and had stuff bagged. Ws alot of stuff. At least a couple hundred dollars worth of things. I shop at the same Target and have some of those same items. On a budget? I think not.


That one pic is not Target looks like the Saladworks where she likes to eat rabbit food. She is not cutting her spending by the way.


I fill sorry for her and her kids. I believe several people would have liked being in her place.


Oh please, Kate Gosselin is not on a budget yet (she and the kids have made millions). This is just the typical Kate Gosselin PR stunt. Last week, she yells at kids while shopping, today she wants to show the camera smiley pictures (well kinda smiley, but not really). Just another event to exploit her kids. Today she bad mouths Paul Petersen, a true actor (not a no talent reality TV family), who wants to save children from exploitation by greedy, money hungry parents, like Kate Gosselin. If I see anymore pictures of her shopping at Target or Old Navy I will start protesting and take my business elsewhere. She is a pathetic and lying monster mom.


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