Joe Jonas Album Sales: Catastrophic!

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We hate to say it, but the facts speak for themselves: the solo career of Joe Jonas is off to an abysmal start.

In its first week of sales, Joe's first-ever solo album, "Fastlife," sold just 18,000 copies, landing him in 15th place on the Billboard 200. By comparison, the last CD Jonas compiled with his brothers, "A Little Bit Longer," moved 525,000 copies in the same time period. Ouch.

Nick Jonas, meanwhile, also jumped into a solo career last year (with his band, The Administration, that is) and sold 82,000 copies of "Who I Am." Double ouch.

"Transforming a charmed teenhood career into a viable adult one is possibly one of the entertainment industry's most difficult feats," wrote Julianne Escobedo Shepherd in Billboard last week. "For every Justin Timberlake, there are 10 former boy-band members whose post-group disinterest led them to hang up their hats."

Can Joe rebound from this rough opening week? Or will we next see him on stage with his siblings? Stay tuned, THGers. Stay tuned.

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I love the jonas brothers so much, and their talent and personalitys is what has made me stick around for so long! maybe the reason sales on joes album arent that high is because this isnt what his existing fans want! I have a Jonas brothers fan account on twitter, and everyday, all i hear from all of their fans is that they want Jonas brothers to get back together as a band, because thats the core reason that they are fans of the brothers in the first place. maybe he should stop trying to attract 'new fans' and focus on pleasing his dedicated and loyal fans that he already has!:')


Myself. Now you call that not famous anymore? The jobros are still big stars and a big group so explain to me why you haters think they've lost their popularity? And I forgot who said this but your right the next jobro album probably will sell big because it does probably have a lot to do with the stuff he's talking about which is very provocative.


First of all why do people keep saying they've lost there fans. Hello what about the fans waiting outside for Joe on all his Radio interviews. Plus when Nick went to the chewy auditions all the auditions he went to there a line a people. As well as on extra a bunch of teenage girls wanting to see him. Non-haters are always saying how many loyal fans the jobros has that tons of fans, plus on there last tour their shows were packed, maybe not sold out but a good amount of people, I would know because I went


Are people deaf & blind? Joe Jonas is amazing. So what about sales? Vocally Joe is a cut above the rest. I think people don't understand what he was trying to say on this album. I get it. The techno is what sets this album from other pop albums i've heard. The mix of pop, r&b, techno, and rock makes this piece ecletic and different. I was never a fan of the Jonas Brothers with their hick cotton eye joe sound. But Joe took a risk stepping out into the spotlight on his own. Of course idiots are going to critisize but it's just stupid. What does his look have to do with how he sounds? I bought Fastlife & love that Joe has experimented with different things trying to find his musical niche. If you don't like this album it's because you're not listening


Agree with a lot of the comments here and think Joe is a good singer but could not hear his singing over all the techno stuff happening. This may be the sort of music he likes to listen to but dont think it is right for him. Plus going for all the swearing and overly sexy video did not work for me either because I just felt he was trying too hard to be bad. Hope he can work it out and find a look and a sound that really if something that older Jonas fans and new fans alike will embrace.


Joe Jonas has a great voice - unfortunately, you can't hear it very well on an album that is loaded with techno sounds and overdubs. It's hard to understand why he abandoned the sound that made him and his brothers so successful to make an album of forgettable dance tunes. Also hard to understand why he abandoned his classic good looks for the semi-shaved head do. I believe he will be successful in whatever career he pursues, but am hopeful that he remembers, at some point, what made people like the Jonas Brothers in the first place. That would still be a recipe for success in a solo career.


As for the crashing and burning album sales, some people don't want Joe Jonas to grow up and gave up on him. I feel he put Lil Wayne on the album to draw in a older crowd & he probably enjoyed the cussing because he maybe thought more people would take him seriously. His album has some good songs on it but in my opinion he was imitating to many others style without taking it in his own direction. Joe Jonas is known for being in a band with his brothers, he now has to find his own image. I recommend he look at the masters; study, learn, create, and master his craft. With all that being said I am a huge fan of Joe Jonas and his brothers and wish him the best of luck!


Yep, for every Justin Timberlake there are 10 teen stars that have gone into forgetfulness. Only a few get a real and huge sucess in maturity (Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, Ricky Martin, Luis Miguel (former latin teen stars), Christina Aguilera and... who more?). Where are Aaron Carter, Hilary Duff, Vanessa Hudgens, Emily Osment, Mitchel Musso, the Hanson, Nick Jonas, Demi Lovato, Corbin Bleu, Busted, Avril Lavinge, Ashley Tisdale, Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, all the Backstreetboys or the N'Syncs?


He's after all, a teen star. His teen idols always grow up and move on to another type of music... and don't even pay attention anymore to their past teen idols. It's sad because Joe Jonas solo album it's quite good I must said. His first single "See no more" was trashy and the worst thing of the album... bad choice for a presentation.


He ditched Taylor Swift and broke her heart. Look what he's got now; a downward spiralling career while Taylor is setting record after record. Youngest woman of the year award by Billboard is just one the achievements she's made so far. And poor joe will always have a rep for dating and dumping famous chicks instead of his music.

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