James Bond 23 Scoop: Official Title Will Be ...

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The titles of James Bond films always spark great debate, but seem to capture the essence of each one perfectly. As Daniel Craig traverses the globe filming the 23rd installment of the iconic franchise, speculation continues to increase.

Until now. According to Movie Fanatic, the James Bond 23 title will be ...

Daniel Craig as James Bond

... Skyfall. Thoughts?

The alleged evidence of this is Sony Pictures buying domain names related to that title, such as JamesBond-Skyfall (dot) com and Skyfallthefilm (dot) com.

Pretty convincing. Skyfall or no Skyfall, Bond 23 is slated for a late 2012 release and may or may not mark Craig’s final foray in legendary tuxedo of 007.

Reports have also surfaced that Idris Elba (The Wire) may be tapped as the next James Bond lead. For now, though, it's all about Skyfall ... probably.


Who do you think should be the next James Bond? How about an Asian
James Bond, For A change, or Jason Scott Lee. Buddha aka BABY JESUS


Who is the official jAMES bOND OR IS A fake OR authentic like
Steven Segal is CIA, OR sTAR wARS.


Umm Idris Elba, idk I mean I'm not racist at all, but I think it'd be best to keep all James Bonds the way they look originally. I think the change would be too awkward. I read on an article that he would love to play the role but he doesn't want to be known as the "black James bond" well what does he expect I'm sorry but the change would be beyond obvious and people will automatically remember him as the "black James bond" and it's not racist. The same thing would be said about any other race change or if original James Bond wouldve been black, and they turned him white. He'd be known as the "white James Bond" Sometimes it's best to leave things the way they are as we gave seen throughout history.


Skyfall is not a bad title for a Bond movie. If that one does not work; I suggest my very clever "Datekill" or "Mirrors Can't Lie"......I have many more but I have to charge a fee!!!! Best Wishes, DINESH R MAKWANA (DREAMWORDS AND INORBITS)