Herman Cain on Racism: No Big Whoop Anymore!

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Presidential candidate Herman Cain will never be accused of mincing words ... or being a cliche. The African-American businessman recently raised eyebrows with some blunt comments on racism ... and how people need to get over it.

"I don't have a lot of patience for people who want to blame racism on the fact that some people don't make in America," he said Fox News' Hannity.

Here's Cain's interview from last night on this and other topics:

The Republican claimed that his academic and business achievements were "walking proof" that racism doesn't hold people back if they don't let it.

"I don't believe racism today holds anybody back in a big way," he said.

Cain also reiterated his attacks on Wall Street protesters from last week, accusing them of being jealous and calling the whole thing a distraction.

"I believe this a coordinated effort of the unions and Obama supporters to distract the American people" from failed administration policies.

Cain characterizes the movement as "class warfare," "Un-American" and petty. "If you don't have a job and you're not rich, blame yourself," he said.

Despite never having held elected office, the Hermanator has lit a fire under GOP voters, surging in recent polls. What do you think of Cain?


I think he's right. Life is what you make it. If you want to move up, you do it yourself. Of course racism exists. What he's saying is that it won't hold you back unless you let it.


Is this man serious? I'm white and I know for sure that racism is alive and very well in A-Merry-Ca. Sheesh. I want some of what he's smokin'


If you want to be preached to, and talked down to. then Herman Cain is the man most likely to succeed among his co-conspirators. PEACE!!


Why do people only hear what they want to hear? This is the first time I'm even hearing of this guy and that's not what I got out of what he said. He said "Racism can't hold you back in A BIG WAY." He DID NOT say racism doesn't exist. If your going to post, at least show that payed attention to the article.


Why do black people hate each other so. Cain is a blatant LIAR is he says he never endured racism. I would not vote if he was the only person running.


Well since unemployment is something that can be taken care of i dnt want to hear one repub running on jobs jobs jobs. Got that herman? Cuz according to u the problem is the ppl not all that dam jobs the gop let go overseas. Also if you think occupy wallstreet is a discration by obama what the hell was the birther movement formed by the kock bros and fox news?? Ha


i dont agree there is no racism or obstacles anymore but i still like cain, he is a smart man who speaks his mind and success story we can learn from


Herman Cain is a GOP Uncle Tom, you were a corporate token. Racism does exist Mr. Cain !!!! You so full of shit.

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