Herman Cain to Wall Street Protesters: Get a Job!

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Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain has been surging in polls recently. But is blatantly chastising Wall Street protesters and telling them to blame themselves for their fiscal woes political suicide - or part of what makes him appealing?

The Georgia businessman's blunt message to the demonstrators on Wall Street: Cut out the "class warfare" and "blame yourself" for being poor and jobless.

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Cain told the Wall Street Journal that demonstrators come across as "anti-capitalism" and by staging these elaborate protests, what the people are doing is merely distracting the country from President Obama's "failed policies."

"Don't blame Wall Street, don't blame the big banks, if you don't have a job and you're not rich, then blame yourself!" said the former CEO of Godfather's Pizza.

"It is not a person's fault because they succeeded, it is a person's fault if they failed ... I don't understand these demonstrations and what they're looking for."

The GOP star of the moment, the Hermanator isn't backing down from his straight taking ways. He's made headlines for calling out Morgan Freeman and for his recent comments about Rick Perry's hunting camp n-word controversy.

What do you think of Cain?

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@ Herman Cain,
Blame yourself all of the women from years ago who are Now causing your reputation to tumble. Blame yourself for being so arrogant and throwing stones at people who you feel are beneath you. Blame yourself for being the up front *negative story for the past 2 weeks. Blame yourself for putting yourself out there as a political candidate and have your previous Not so clean attitude towards women to be exposed for all to see. Blame yourself if the same people that you *called yourself belittling are Now in No hurry to disbelieve all the trouble that you are in Now with one woman after another exposing your Not so good past behavior in the workplace. Blame yourself that even though you ran for president and had voters cheering you on, you will Never be THE POTUS (The President of the United States). Even though there is No shame in your game, blame yourself for having to allow the News Media and Circus atmosphere to revisit your past bad boy behavior. PEACE!!


How can Americans even consider voting for this man. He's made it quite clear what his agendas are on the environment,(his shortsightedness boggles the mind), poverty, gay-rights, immigrants, etc,etc. An incredibly ignorant, selfish and dangerous man. I've no doubts that his ancestors are collectively turning in their graves.


Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain is a hypocrite a liar and a constitutional offender. to make a statement like the trillion-dollar heist took place in 2008 and this is 2011 so get over it...? really...the fact is were not over it. nor are we over the fact that you want to take away our freedoms as Americans on issues of abortions.the fact is mr cain that many American soldiers have died to preserve our freedoms as a nation. every time you open your mouth you dishonor them, the flag, and our country...you are a traitor and criminal to the people of this country and the flag she represents.


No ones gonna call you a name "Dumbsoutherner" Being a sourthern Teabagger is punishment enough. You don't think the Board of Directors of Fed Reserve and a CEO is elite? All my friends have jobs like that. And Herm thinks its our fault all the corporations ship jobs abroad? Those who don't book a flight to China and work there are just lazy? Right?


For the people calling Cain arrogant or elitist you have obviously not done any research into the man. He grew up in a poor family and worked his way to the top. He was born a plumber's son and he became a success by working along side his employees not by acting as if he was better than them. He even took the time to work as a burger flipper for a month so that he could understand his employees better. He has real world experience and work experience, which are things that the current admin and many other candidates are lacking. By the way before someone calls me any names or insinuated that they know my income level or race you can go ahead and book it that you are wrong.


I agree strongly with commenters Beane, Leo, Elisher, Andrew, and Dave!!!


Maybe the big banks create wealth on Wall Street,
but for those of us who live on main street they
destroy it. This has nothing to do with class warfare,
it simply goes to the heart of the issue that Cain and
his buddies still see Wall Street as "Too big to fail"
and the rest of us as "Too little to count." See you on
election day pal!!


Im from Australia. I always find it funny how the GOP shoot themselves in the foot. Lets just hope the americans wake up and get rid of this super religous, brianless twits out of the political system.


Mr. Caine: Surely does not speak for all of Black America, especially me. I cannot believe that an African man would make such a STUPID statement. Of course he "doesn't understand the protesters". These are regular people who are sick of Corporate greed. The little guy, the working woman/man is always behind the eight ball. Unless you have stood in the shoes of those who have struggled, then you sure as hell wouldn't understand. "Don't blame Wall Street, don't blame the big banks, if you don't have a job and you're not rich, then blame yourself!" WHAT AN ARROGANT statement! Go away Mr. Cain you are an arrogant fool. You stand a snow balls chance in hell of getting the Republican nomination.


We are only seeing a preview of the tip of the iceberg, that is Herman