Facebook Apologizes to Courtney Stodden, Reinstates Fan Pages

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Facebook is very, very sorry.

The company has issued an apology to Courtney Stodden and reinstated her access after it had denied it for "inappropriate sexual conduct," a fact that became public once her mother said Courtney is too sexy for Mark Zuckerberg's creation.

Courtney Stodden Facebook Pic

"This page was removed in error and has been restored," Facebook said in a statement to E! News. "We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused."

Inconvenience?!? The situation gave Stodden's mom yet another chance to make headlines. She'll probably send Facebook a muffin basket.

"We're happy that it was finally addressed, as I'm sure many others have dealt with similar abuse and didn't know they could do anything about it," Keller says, once again comparing this incident to actual bullying: "Putting a stop to cyber bullying is something Courtney is very involved in. She's happy something was done!"


Mai-trang you have issues,also im getting really creeped out by this chick.


Computers and cellphones increase the reach of old-fashioned bullying. Years ago the bullied party could go home, close the door, and forget about the incident. Today, bullying kids have access around the clock through technology. There's really no escape.


Facebooks is a website for vaginas started by a white Jew man and also a gay man who can't handle the sexual power of a Christian blonde woman as our young American blonde sex teacher who is married, thus felt pressures to take down the page of Courtney after all the jealous (probably less attractive than Courtney) complained. I can't wait until google social website is fully function for google is a man's website. Boo to those jealous women.


Thank god. Facebook has finally realised the true art form of an artist.


she looks her age in that pic.

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