Is Courtney Stodden Too Sexy for Facebook?

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This just in: Facebook simply cannot handle the raw sex appeal of Courtney Stodden.

That's the only explanation the 17-year old's attention-ravenous mother can come up with for why the social networking site has removed multiple fan pages dedicated to her daughter.

"It's the jealousy from the women towards her," Krista Keller tells E! News. "The men love her, the women hate her.  The women report the photo because it's so easy to do. You just click a button. They think she's too sexy, they all report her together, and it's done."

Courtney Stodden Facebook Photo

Stodden recently went into detail about her awesome wedding night sex, but her mom insists there's nothing inappropriate on these pages.

"She has never done any nudity," Keller says. "Not a breast, not even a butt cheek. It's just her in a bathing suit!"

Seriously, people, this is a prime example of cyber bullying, something Stodden has experienced before and
something she really hates! It's "ridiculous," Keller says and now it's happening "globally" to her child.

"All the comments from the guys are really good, but the women just call her a slut and a whore. She's just too sexy for Facebook!" Keller concludes.

Do you agree? Is Courtney Stodden too sexy for Facebook?


this photograph is totally in appropriate. Not because the child is in a bikini but because her legs are spread so far. It looks like a picture that you would find in a Playboy Bunnies portfolio. Married or not she is only 17 and pics like that are nasty and show a total lack of self respect. The child's mother needs to shut up and quit begging for attention. She should be a mother to this child who desperately needs a positive role model in her life.


@Brandy: I agree with everything you said except for that first sentence. A 17 year old is not too young to talk about sex. She's of the age of consent. Actually, people start talking about sex WAY before 17. I was telling dirty jokes in 6th grade- and laughing at them too. Teenagers are sexual beings. Didn't YOU talk about sex before you were 18? But you're right about her parents being disturbed and her husband being disgusting.


Her mother sounds like an unsuitable mental case of a "parent"--does it really not occur to her that maybe women hate the photo so much because it's gross and totally inappropriate for a young girl of only 17 to pose in such a way? Her legs are spread enough that we can see most of her pubic area. She really does look like a slut, mom."Choo-choo!"Here comes the Clue Train, last stop is Courtney Stodden's pathetic, inept,publicity-starved mother!


@Mai-Trang Thi Nguyen…. You’re just as delusional as the rest of the adults in this circle of child abuse. At 17 Courtney should not be trying to sell her virgina to anyone. Regardless if the little young boys could afford it or not. She should be focused on finishing High school, planning for what dress to wear to her prom and what college she will be moving away to so she can enjoy her childhood. But no, these money hungry sluts and pimps such as you, her parents and husband have a different life plan for this young girl. Just because she wasn’t trafficked over here in the back of a truck does not make what they are doing with and to her right. So go sit you ass down somewhere. This 16 year old was robbed of her childhood because her parents saw dollar signs


Her mom is a complete idiot and sooner or later Courtney will be doing porn. It will star Courtney and her with her pedophile husband, mom will hold the camera and she will say there is nothing wrong with it because he is her husband and we are just jealous we cant swallow a big enough load as her daughter and that’s why we hate her. If they wanted attention, attention is what they will get from me.


Courtney doesn't sell her vagina for free by dating young and broke guys who are too lazy to work to take Care of her vagina. She's smart to marry an old man to take care of her safety and make sure she has a place to live.


Courtney is married so she can be sexy if she wants. She's our Clean sex teacher.


If you want to discuss sex, do it in a sex forum, not facebook! And after you are at *least* 18!
I also cannot see any reason, outside of pedophilia, for a grown-ass person to marry a child. You'd think they would be quieter about the disgusting mess. And shame on EVERONE involved in getting her a reality show that will help other pedophiles justify their behavior!


It's not that she's too young to wear a bikini. There are many girls even younger than 17 who wear bikinis, and at 17 Courtney Stodden is at the age of consent in this country. The problem is that she's posed with her LEGS WIDE OPEN and her crotch can be partially seen- THAT'S what's inappropriate. Even though I think it's wrong that she's being labeled a 'slut', her parents should have NEVER let her marry a 51 year old at just 16. They must be mentally disturbed. And there's probably something a little wrong with the girl to. When I was 16, I wasn't interested in middle-aged guys.


Her mom is pimping her legally in front of America, no one is doing anything about it. 17 years old married to a 54 something year old coming out with a reality show that her mom has full part of. I wonder how much did the network or guy have to pay her so the 54 year old grown grandpa can bust her 17 year old guts. No difference between her and the guy that was grooming his 18 year old daughter to go work at the bunny ranch every night. Looks like this bitch is going for Denna Lohans awarde. Yes, people everytime I get a chance I will throw Deena Lohan under the bus.


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