Dudley O'Shaughnessy: Too Busy to Date Rihanna!

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Dudley O’Shaughnessy has totally hung out with Rihanna a couple of times recently, but calling that "dating" would be premature, he says. Why? He's just too busy!

Despite going out with her more than once, Dud told The Mirror that he's too busy to continue anything with the singer. The British model/boxer, 21, tells the paper:

“We had fun ­together, but I don’t know when I will see her again to be honest.”

Dudley O'Shaughnessy, Rihanna

“My career is my biggest priority right now,” said the star of her latest music video, before adding: “I’d like to go to America soon ... but for work.”

The pair hit it off when Rihanna hand-picked Dudley O'Shaughnesssy to star in her "We Found Love" video. The two went out together in London last week a few times, and O’Shaughnessy also attended her concert at O2 Arena.

Too bad it was short-lived, they made a cute couple ... although somehow we're guessing based on the Esquire's new cover featuring Rihanna nude and proclaiming her the Sexiest Woman Alive, she'll have no problem moving on.

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i don't care about the lady , I LOVE DUDLEY!
such a gorgeous creature :P


I think she is doing an awesome job, we all want and need love,,its only fair we let her join the fun too..seriously how many people have you dated until you finally found the right person for you, we have all felt the same way,,when you meet someone new, you get so excited and tell all your friends and even random people ..let her explore some more until she feels she is ready to settle down..don't be a party pooper :-)


rihana need to pick her self up instead of trying to find some new hubb, she changed!!!!


she needs to grow up and get a real man not just someone she can hop right off of amd on to the next!


I don't think it was anything other than work, he was just one of the people picked to star in her music video, nothing more, that's all.


Rhianna is too young for a baby. Rhianna needs to go to college.