Dr. Conrad Murray to Serve House Arrest if Convicted in Michael Jackson Manslaughter Case?

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Perhaps it's a little too early to start talking about what happens if Dr. Conrad Murray gets convicted of felony involuntary manslaughter - he has yet to present his defense - but it does not look good for the physician right now.

Between the Michael Jackson autopsy photo, the 911 call and most of all, the various holes in his defense, he'll have to pull off a miracle to be acquitted.

So what happens when and if he gets convicted?

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As for how much time Murray would serve, officials tell TMZ that Murray would be jailed for half the actual sentence. So four years as opposed to two.

Moreover, because of severe overcrowding, inmates are eligible for house arrest, based on their prior criminal history, and their risk to the community.

Murray has a clean record and, as one law enforcement official put it, "it's not like he's going to walk around with a bottle of Propofol and kill people."

So if the jail is filled to the max, the Sheriff could quickly put him on house arrest - if not right away, shortly into his sentence - ankle monitor style.

Again, this is all premature. The jury could still find him not guilty on all counts. But right now, we could bet heavily against that possibility occurring.

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HOUSE ARREST for that murdering DOUCHEBAG Conrad Murray if he's convicted????? ARE YOU GODDAMN KIDDING ME????? Araceli E.....I, myself, totally believe that the whole and entire justice system is being run by clowns, morons and (MOST OF ALL!!!!!) COWARDS!!!!! Araceli, look at how they (mis)handled the recent Casey Anthony trial in terms of the outcome/verdict...they set that murdering skank Casey FREE!!!!! SCOT-FREE!!!!! As far as I'm concerned, the justice system itself is nothing but a sad and (EVEN MORE!!!!!) pathetic joke!!!!! At times, I don't know why they have trials anyway. For what...to EITHER give criminals light-ass sentences or to set them free????? The Bottom Line: The judicial idiocy (or whatever) here in America continues..........


if murray gets house arrest that would be BULLSHIT!!! but i don't think he will i think he will get prison time!!!


If this jury is half as stupid as the Casey Anthony jury was, Murray could also walk free. Murray's greed & his incompetence destroyed his life. I feel sorry for his poor kids.


*correction I meant to write: all those defending Murray would see how NEGLIGENT...


House arrest??? Wow and the guy who hacked all those celebs gets 121years!!!! I'm starting to think the justice system is run by clowns. Seriously it's all a JOKE. I'm not saying the hacker shouldn't be punished, but 121 years!!!! Come on. Btw celebs should be more CAREFUL with what they put on their cellphones...and that applies to all people using cellphones. And I have the right to voice my opinion on this matter as I have been reading on the case for a while now. Reading only FACTS. In my humble opinion I believe this "Dr." is responsible for MJs death. Just look up the facts and it is evident. This is beyond ridiculous. All those defending MJ would see how NEGLIGENT that guy acted towards MJ if it was their brother, or father, they would SEE. I'm not trying to find someone to blame or just supporting MJ cuz he was Famous. It's because it's more than obvious the mess that Murray made. May Michael Rest in Peace!!!


Michael may have had plenty of time to do so but it happen under Murray watch. If it was your relative I am sure you would be against the doctor. The Doctor was wrong if he knew Michael had other drugs. It was all for the money and not to do the right thing. I am sure Michael asked many other doctors who said no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dr conrad is not responsible for killing michael. And no matter what anyone says michael had plenty of time to do this himself. We all know his history with drugs. any kind of them. Dr murray just happens to be the dr that last saw him so of course everyone will use that. but believe me there are plenty of people that believe dr murray is inoccent., i would still have him as a dr. and as for michael dad. he dd not communicate with him at all and now this. Oh of course he will use this as a way to get greedy, shame on him.

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