Christopher Chaney Speaks on Scarlett Johansson Hacking: I'm ADDICTED!!

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Christopher Chaney, the hacker who illegally accessed the phones of Scarlett Johansson and other stars, says it was a blessing in disguise that he got arrested.


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    You've impressed us all with that potsing!


    Come on.. in the article it called him a perv.. really?? Just sounds like curiosity got the best of him. I have heard he is not the one that leaked the photos.. The feds took his comp 6 months ago.. Do the math. 121 years is way too much time. I agree community service and no computer activity for a probational time. The guy seems genuinely remorseful for what he has done. We all have a curiosity in us and if you were to get a password to someone elses email would you not be tempted? I think the Feds are looking for a scapegoat and this man is it. It is a shame. I will keep this man in my prayers.


    Wait a second.... 121 years?!?!!?!?!?!?!

    Let's if a understood.If I pullout my DICK, rape 4 girls... I get in MAX 50 years in the majority of the states.. So a guy who ONLY compromised the privacy of some people can get 121 years?!

    Cmon.... !!

    This guy is crazy, he must a treatment, some social work, like wash some public W.U ...


    if youre a moviestar and stupid enough to keep naked photos of yourself behind a password that can be guessed by finding out stuff about you on the internet stop acting like a fucking victim, you might be naive but c`mon dont act like you dont know how important password security is. And the fucking FBI hasnt got anything more important to do than this shit, not only does scarjo get paid millions for a movie she is obviously worth millions of tax dollars being used on her behalf just bcouse shes a bit of a fucking retard and doesnt understand security stuff. obviously the hacker should get some fines maybe community service but 121 years. And you wonder why the american prison system is full.


    Our law system is so messed up 121 years come on. People get away with rape and murder all the time.


    and casey anthony got off... Mmmmm.... What thw hell is wrong with america?


    ok, so he gets 121yrs, max, 4 those charges & a murderer gets 25yrs... Sounds like the gov.system is on point, huh?!?!? WTF

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