Justin Timberlake on Leaked Mila Kunis Pics: Not My Penis!

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Let's be clear: Justin Timberlake's package is not on Mila Kunis' phone.

Several of the hacked Mila Kunis pics do show Justin - posing "seductively," we're told, in two of them, with pink panties over his head in another (really).

But the image on her phone of a male member does not belong to JT.

Justin has reportedly told people close to him that he never sent such a pic - no face, no torso, only wang - to Mila Kunis or anyone else for that matter.

That said, maybe she'll get a special gift come Christmastime ...


"no face, no torso, only wang" Seems that "Blue mountain state" has a new episode about this...


LOL! Sharon. Good one. I agree.


JT would only send his dick in a box


We all know if it had been an enormous penis, everyone would want to claim it. Considering J.T.'s denial, it must have been the size of a vienna sausage!

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