Catholic League Wants Madonna 86'd From Super Bowl

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File this under Lost Causes: The Catholic League is calling on the NFL to ban Madonna from performing at the Super Bowl, which she recently agreed to do.

Bill Donohue wrote to the NFL, saying they "would do well to drop any plans it may have about having Madonna perform during the Super Bowl." Why?

Because in 2004, the NFL invited 'N Sync's JC Chasez to sing during the halftime of the Pro Bowl, only to rescind the offer due to some suggestive lyrics.

That was JC Chasez. This is Madonna.

Madonna in Italy

"The NFL cannot expect Catholics to be treated any different," the group writes. "For decades, Madonna has blatantly offended Christians, especially Catholics."

"Her offensive lyrics, lewd behavior and misappropriation of sacred symbols are reason enough. Worse, Madonna has repeatedly ridiculed the heart and soul of Christianity: Jesus, Our Blessed Mother, the Eucharist and the Crucifixion."

She also hates hydrangeas. Don't forget that.





Last I heard, the Catholic League is one doofus sitting behind his computer somewhere. Don't give these people any power or credibility when you don't even know who they (he) are.


Madonna will be a fine act I say! The Catholic Church is an outdated, dying, oppressive, greedy organization. Religion has no place in this. It has no place in much of anything these days besides bigotry. STFU Catholic League. You'd be better off paying more attention to what your priests are doing to little children. Nasty, perverted sexually oppressed priests. It's simply unsavory.


I am neither a Catholic, nor one who has a lot of interest in Organized Religion. However; to disrespect the faith that so many people subscribe to is utterly insulting, and disrespectful. Personally, I have never understood the fascination with Madonna, but as a nation, we should ask ourselves, what it is about us, that so many can be so cavalier, and accepting of outrageous behavior aimed at The Catholic Church, as well as at the nation's President. Where does it end, and where are we headed as a people and a nation.


She doesn't hate hydrangeas ...she LOATHES them lol


Who could possibly care what a cult group wants?


As a lifelong Catholic, I HAPPILY SALUTE The Catholic League for wanting Madonna banned from performing at the upcoming Super Bowl. HOLLA!!! Also, I am so glad that SOMEBODY is FINALLY putting that dried-up and washed-up Madonna in her place!!! She is nothing but an arrogant, bossy, bullying, classless, controlling, egotistical, rude, skanky, thoughtless, and ungrateful HAS-BEEN!!! I think that the following legendary singer would be PERFECT to sing at the Super Bowl...Olivia Newton-John!!! Olivia is (among other things) appreciative, bighearted, classy, down-to-earth, generous, giving, gracious, lively, kindhearted and respected. Madonna, you are NONE OF THESE THINGS!!! Just go away and leave BOTH The NFL and The Super Bowl the HELL alone!!!!!


madonna is looking surprise too see all that flab removed by surgery .


Madonna has been living abroad for too long and having sex with too many non-Americans to be singing American anthem. When she comes back and live in America then she can sing the national anthem.


I wish people (Catholics) would just let it go. Enough already. Yeah Madonna burned crosses in Like a Prayer.... So what. It's a music video from 1989. She is without question the most powerful woman if not person in the music industry. Not to mention she holds the guiness world record for highest grossing tour, more billboard top 10 singles than the Beatles and more #1 singles than Elvis, etc the list goes on and on. She will put on a great show and that's what the super bowl needs after these super lame usual has beens. Before you call Madonna a has been, her last album went multi platinum and entered the billboard at #1... As ALL her albums do, as her new 2012 album will obviously be #1 and multi platinum.

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