Breaking Dawn Promo Pics: Painting the Cullen Family Portrait

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The countdown to Breaking Dawn is officially on.

With the first part of the final Twilight Saga chapter schedule for a November 18 release, the hype machine is heading into overdrive, as evidenced by recent magazine covers that featured Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner.

But those stars step aside below, as a new round of promotional photos focuses on the family Cullen. Click around below to enlarge images of Robert Pattinson, Kellan Lutz and others:

Robert Pattinson Promo Photo
Nikki Reed Promo Pic
Peter Facinelli Promo Pic
Kellan Lutz Promo Pic
Ashley Greene Promo Pic
Jackson Rathborne Promo Pic

I guess a sense of humor can make just about aynone attractive. And yes, I kind of loved the chess photo too. It looked so much more natural than the cover image.




OMG, countdown had already begun!!!
cant wait any longer

Debra anduaga

and yes where is Esme? don't care about Kristen STewart

Debra anduaga

names of actors. did not have on my glasses and i still seen your mistake!

Debra anduaga

what happened to Jackson Rathbone you left him out when listing the manes of the actors. his name is not Breaking Dawn!


I think that it is crap no pics of Esme or Bella!

Erica beumel

OMG!!! NO ESME?!?!?

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