Baby Lisa Disappearance: Deborah Bradley Video Raises Questions

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The man seen on a surveillance tape shopping with the missing Baby Lisa Irwin's mother has been identified as the woman's brother, according to a news report.

Deborah Bradley and her brother were purchasing wine for a family event at the Festival Foods near her home in Kansas City, Mo., family members tell KCTV5.

Bradley was seen in the video around 5 p.m. October 3, the same night she said she last saw her baby. Her brother was seen shopping alongside her on tape.

According to the station, local police have interviewed the brother and determined that he wasn't involved in the shocking disappearance of 10-month-old Lisa.

Baby Lisa

The little girl went missing just hours after the shopping trip, triggering an investigation that has led nowhere and already taken several bizarre twists.

Bradley was interviewed by authorities and fears she'll be arrested "any moment," a relative says, but so far no charges have been filed against anyone.

Bradley and baby Lisa's father, Jeremy Irwin, reported her missing about 4 a.m. Oct. 4. Bradley said she last checked on her daughter about 10:30 p.m.

The couple says Lisa was kidnapped from her crib while she was sleeping.

Meanwhile, officials are questioning the credibility of Bill Stanton, a private investigator who said someone brought him on to conduct an investigation.

Area licensed private investigators say they have filed a complaint with the state licensing board since Stanton is not licensed to work in Missouri.


maybe something happen to the child when mother went shopping.


Where was the dad in all this why is everyone talking about the mom he looks like he did it why ain't he crying where was he and how come they haven't have him a lie detector test?


As for the parents being accussed. Maybe there is some evidence and maybe that is why they keep going back. Have you thought about that?


I have read that the father was with the children when she and her brother went to the store. Did he not see how much wine she purchased? If so, was this normal? And if it was, he obviously didn't have any concern for the children's safety. This happens a lot and it isn't good. I know, I grew up in that and I made sure my sons didn't have to live like that. If you can't enjoy children, don't have them. There is birth control and time to let the expecting parents know that their life will change when they become parents. If they can't take it, don't make it. I have 2 adopted grandsons and a beautiful 2 month old little girl who was taken from her mother at the hospital when born, he mother was drugs. Dosen't that tell you something. It should be attempted murder when an expecting mother does drugs. That's the way I feel and don't care who it hurts.


As far as Casey, thats just too sad our justice system didn`t lock her up for life but no matter, she still had to face a final judgement with our Lord,our only judge. Hope casey finds her way to seek forgiveness before it to late. As for baby Lisa, I wish they wouldn`t judge parents before they know the truth. I cant imagine what its like to not only have your child missing but being accused of murder. Get facks then go there if need be.


Casey anthony is a no good white trash hoe!!!!! because their no reason to kill your little girl but with her they are she just wanted to go party and get drunk she didn"t care about her one bit


I truly hope this child is found alive, but in all honesty, the longer it takes, the less likely it is. I think the dad has frozen his emotions, something men do quite often, something I have done when necessary to deal with a situation, rather than to react to a situation, and I don't buy the Mom's story. As dad who raised two children by himself, I can tell you, that I never ever, at any time, put myself in a situation, where I wasn't aware of my surroundings, or couldn't react to an emergency. When I had surgery, I had someone there helping, when I was on pain meds that could affect my ability, I took less than the recommended dosage, and even though I would still be in pain, I would rather that, then not be able to deal with something should a situation arise. This Mother is the CAUSE and EFFECT for this problem, and even if not directly involved in the disappearance, is peripherally responsible.


I think they need to be looking at the mom. I'm thinking this is another Casey Anthony, Susan Smith, or Andrea Yates they are dealing with! Something doesn't add up with her. I don't think the dad is guilty but I think he is aware of what happened after the fact and he's protecting her. I'm hoping they find this baby soon! Sad what the world has come to!


where was the baby while she was shopping? It does seem that
the mothers actions are more of regret. The behavior of the dad
is very unusual, disconnected, not proactive. I would definitely
check on the dad, where did he work, was he accounted for all night.
Did anyone else see the baby during the day, neighbor etc. When
is last time anyone has seen the baby?


it seems like a copy cat with baby lisa as with the the anthony baby you as a parent have a job of knowing where your children are for the next 18+ years just put the want to be mom in jail she know what happen and just tell the suthorties where baby lisa is and save the tax payers money we are in a economic failure.