Ashton Kutcher Infidelity Details: One Hot Tub, Two Girls?

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Move over, Sara Leal. You may not have been the only young woman with whom Ashton Kutcher cheated on Demi Moore.

Then again, you already know that. According to a new tabloid report, you were there.

Ashton Kutcher on Us Weekly

The latest issue of Us Weekly alleges that Kutcher spent his sixth wedding anniversary in San Diego, drinking vodka tonics and looking for women alongside Danny and Chris Masterson at Fluxx nightclub.

But none were deemed "hot tub worthy," an onlooker claims Ashton said, until later that night when he met Leal and her friend in his Hardrock Hotel suite. He reportedly told the ladies he and Moore were "separated."

The new Two and a Half Men star was "totally into" some serious flirting, says a source, adding that Kutcher, Leal and this unnamed woman were "all naked in the hot tub, making out" within five minutes of meeting each other.

Neither Kutcher nor Leal have commented on the rumor, while Moore is "struggling" a friend says. Will she forgive Ashton? Will they undergo counseling? This pal simply reports: "She's been alone a lot lately."

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and this non-sense matters because........?


Shut up. Take your age insecurities elsewhere. While you have a point, your obnoxiousness is extremely annoying.


What do these women see in Kutcher anyway. To think he won over Demi's heart, along with her daughters, and then just like that there not good enough for him. I say the whole family should dump him. Hope his new show bombs too.


You may wonder why I am so sure that Ashton did cheat on Demi and here is why. There is no smoke without fire and there are one too many little fires flaring up at the moment.


If Ashton did cheat and I don't doubt that he did, what on earth made him think that the truth would not out because it always does. He is no more special than any other man and believe me, all the cute little chics out there will eventually tell some or other tabloid, and why? The MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY. No wonder Demi has been acting strangely over the last couple of months on twitter by showing herself in her underwear etc. She felt so threatened and remember, a woman's intuition never fails her even though at the time she can't put her finger on it.


I was told these words by a very wise old lady and please excuse the swearword but it does not sound the same if you use another word. "Once the cup is cracked, its fucked" These words have never been proved wrong. Just look around you and see how many divorces have taken place when a partner cheats (especially a male partner) because no matter how hard the female tries to forgive and forget, she just cannot. It may take ten days, ten weeks, ten months or a few years, the couple always end up splitting. Unfortunately, men don't get it.


why are you clowns so obsessed with age?Ken, what do you know abt Demi or Ashton? didn't he know her age when he proposed?why women wre never forgiven for aging?why not talk about Tomcat?and billions of other men marrying girls young enough to be their daughters?why only in this case the age reference is so over used?you're as old as you believe you are. Demi is a beautiful woman regardless her age. and if Ashton cheated it has nothing to do with age. when JT broke with ms Diaz all mouths were on age, he went to Jessica, they broke too. if age was the reason why couldn't he stay with Jessy?STOP TALKING ABOUT AGE


What I'd like to know is why isn't anyone makin' half the fuss over 50 yr old George Cloonely & 28 yr old Stacey Keebler or how about 50 somethin' yr old Michael Douglas married under 30 yr old Catherine Zeta Jones?? or worse yet Hugh Hefner and his parade of 25 yr old in his 80'S Demi can't be his Mother unless she wuz teen mom 16 yr difference isn't as drastic or rediculous as 20+ yrs. I'm about to turn 40 and I'm datin' a guy 6 yrs younger no one thinks I'm too old 4 him!!!


AGE AGE AGE I wonder how old you women who keep on sayin' this are??? Under 30 I presume there are many couples w/older women younger men who have been married even longer and have had no problems it's not the chronology it's his maturity level which he has none wait til you get over 40 and someone calls you OLD there is such a thing as KARMA!!!


He looks like a complete freak to me; looks like a dirty little kid that needs to grow up and delevop some muscles; she could do a lot better!

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