Report: Ashton Kutcher Hosted Naked Hot Tub Party in San Diego

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Reports already suggest that Ashton Kutcher cheated on Demi Moore last month with at least one woman in San Diego, rumored to be 23-year old Sara Leal.

But new sources now say that Leal was only one of several women inside the actor's Hardrock Hotel room that evening. According to party promoter Gavin Naumoff, some South African yacht worker named Jacques Du Toit told him that his girlfriend, Alexis, was was up in a suite with Kutcher.

Photo of Ashton Kutcher

"Alexis told him Ashton’s room number and when he got there, a bodyguard was at the door who said it was a private party," Naumoff said to The Daily Mail. "Jacques explained he was the boyfriend of one of the girls and was let in.

"He found Ashton in a hot tub on the balcony with Alexis, Sara, a girl called Katie and another girl called Marta. They were all naked. Ashton invited Jacques to join them in the tub."

Kutcher was reportedly in a great mood, calling for other guests to bring him and his women vodka.

"Sara is telling everyone 100 percent that she and Ashton had sex," says Naumoff. "Jacques and Alexis are two of my best friends and Sara is a good friend. If she says she slept with him then I think she’s telling the truth."

It's difficult to know what to believe, but this much is certain: until Ashton stops limiting his responses to 140 characters or fewer, he isn't a very reliable source.



what the fuck does Fox News have to do with this you dipshit!
someone take this idiots keyboard away please.... "I think Fox can certainly bring out the worst in people. I am glad I don't watch Fox news." -Spank_U


first of all who the f%&* cares? the PRESS spends millions on dollars chasing stories about shit that happens every single day. Second of all you guys need to get a life. you dont have your own so youre getting it out of stories like this. Third: they haven't given any proof ashton hasn't admitted to anything. the loudmouth friends have. You also should realize that THIS is the internet and you can post ANYTHING here and say that it's true
please people i am urging you to act your age


Well I guess all these celebrities are just living up to their standard. Why did they become celebrity except to do likewise. It is a trademark of Hollywood to be polygamous. Almost all of them are doing it, only some are more secretive. I want to say "I told DEMI so". But I know when she hooked up with this infantile person (if that is the proper adjective) at her age she was riding for a fall. At least it took over 6 years to happen. Is Bruce still available? At lease he stayed away from Bruce girls, I hope. I wonder what FOX thinks about Charlie Sheen now. I think Fox can certainly bring out the worst in people. I am glad I don't watch Fox news.


I liked Ashton until I saw his behavior on PUNK'D. He was unnecessarily immature during a lot of the shows. In fact, the whole concept of preying on people's shock/fear/dread etc., was immature. Practical joke people have always been low in my book. So, I'm not surprised he had a jacuzzi full of naked women. Poor Demi...she outclasses him by a long shot. My prediction is that Bruce Willis will come to Demi's rescue in some manner.


I like him already.


I am officially suffering from Cougar Fatigue. Can we all admit that this scenario does not work… for the long haul? Not in celebrity-land anyway.


What a douche. And he's so much better than Charlie Sheen *sarcasm*

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