Sister Wives Season 3 Premiere: Kody Brown and Robyn Announce Pregnancy!

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New state, bigger family, same drama baby. On the Season 3 premiere of Sister Wives, Kody Brown and his many spouses settled in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In four different homes, all close to each other.

The biggest development since we last heard from the giant family is that Kody and Robyn are expecting. That leads to complications with the other wives, of course, such as the jealousy from Robyn's BFF Meri, who can't bear more kids.

Sister Wives Cast

Robyn approached her about it personally, however, and Meri showed her true colors like the classy lady that she is. She even lamented in her response that people feel they have to be so sensitive to her regarding the child-bearing topic.

Everybody in the family was pretty psyched about the news, save for teenagers Aspen, Hunter and Maddie. You know teenagers, though. Always brooding.

Since Robyn's three kids have a different father, this is really her first with Kody Brown, and a big step in terms of being indoctrinated into the family unit.

What else went on in the premiere?

Finding a new church where you fit in is kinda hard when you move states, as the Browns likely did in no small part due to threat of prosecution in Utah.

They debate joining a Presbyterian Church, but after differing views and much discussion, Cody agrees that going to another faith is not the right answer.

Kody says if they're going to do this, it needs to be an LDS church. Kody worried about the same discrimination they found in Utah. The wives? Skeptical.

Robyn in particular was strongly against not steering kids into the religion they work so hard to practice. Are they being forced into polygamy, though?

Things end on a happy note as Christine throws a pool party for the teenagers and their friends from school. The kids seem more or less cool with everything.

Even a few of the parents come over, so maybe things will turn out well moving to Nevada after all. We'll find out as Sister Wives' third season continues!


all of the wives have gained weight, what are they eating?


When does sisterwives start up again?


Sister Wives Season 3 Premiere Full Episode Video Here


who cares how many wives he has they all went into the relationship knowing of the wives b4 them and they seem to be a happy well put together family who are there tho good and bad times at least kody is there for his family. what about women who have 5 children and all different daddys or a guy who has 8 kids wit all different mommys we dont go after them all i have to say is they are raising good children and its not Americas right to tell them its wrong i say if they are happy leave them alone and let them live life without haveing to deal with people telling them they are wrong i like seeing the sister wives show and are happy they are living life the way they want


People have a problem with what they don't understand. Not everyone has the same beliefs but most people can't get off their high horse and be a respectful person to accept that. I don't agree with being married to several people but I'm also a adult that realizes that everyone is entitled to feel and do what they want to as long as it isn't indangering someone elses life.


I watched the show when i was off ill thought it was a really good show cant wait till the next season. Its wrong that the Browns had to leave there home i feel like i know them now and have a very different view to there lives and religon


Iwonder how Kody would feel if the wives decided they wanted a second husband? Bet it would be a different thing then


would like to know when we can see Sister Wives returning to the UK. Enjoy the show even though I don't agree with their religion. Thanks Margaret


I am simply trying to find out if this show will be returning and if so, when ? Love it ..............


i cant believe how stupid some women can be to choose to follow a religion that is unjust without even questioning it. men may chose this religion because it makes it easier for them to be selfish two timers that can get away with such a large double standard and have the excuse of religion but the women are at fault for so blindly following along and believing everything they hear. Can they not see that men created this religion to be able to cheat on their wives without their wives being able to do the same? they are selfish men without a consience. i wish the women would put an end to these men's behaviours and grow a brain!

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