Many Wives, One Heart: Kody Brown Defends Sister Wives, Hopes For Leniency From D.A.

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With four wives and 16 kids, Kody Brown is used to complicated situations. But facing a legal crackdown in the form of a felony bigamy investigation is different.

"I just hope," he tells People, "They don't put me in jail for loving four women."

Sister Wives Wives

Since TLC's Sister Wives began depicting his polygamist ways, the affable Kody, who just married Robyn Sullivan to up the wife count to four, has felt the heat.

MRS. BROWNS: This real-life drama is reminiscent of Big Love, or vice versa.

It's a rare occurrence to see someone prosecuted for polygamy in Utah, but the Browns have hired a lawyer to defend Kody - and by association, their lifestyle.

Brown and wives say they knew the legal dangers of going public on the TLC show, but wanted to take the risk to show a different side of polygamist culture.

"We understand the outrage and confusion over our lifestyle," says Sullivan, the fourth Mrs. Kody Brown. "We're Frankenstein and freaks to a lot of people."

What do you think? Should the Brows be prosecuted?

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I don't understand why they would go on t v and show the world what they are doing and then be upset about the consequences. I think Kody
and the wives should of thought of what it would do to the kids and their lives before they went public. Kids don't like to feel that they are different from everyone else.


He ain't well come round these parts, i toldem when he moved in, 'we dont take kine-ly to your kine, round theze parts! '


I know how it feels to lose your home and your personal belongs. I can understand what this family is going through moving to Los Vegas, NV. Keeping the family together is the most important part and I know the children are going to have a difficult time with the move, especially the older children. Keeping the family together and supporting each other through this is the most important thing.
Regardless of who is the mother or father, the children do not deserve to be separated. Perhaps the laws should change and make it legal to have more than one wife, making sure that the males and females are both of legal age and that there is no intermarriages or 13 y/o girls being married to an elder, which I understand only happens in the fringe groups that you hear so much about. There are "nuts" who will always challenge society as well as God's moral standing. But God also admonishes us not to judge others. If we can allow gay marriage why not polygamy?


This guy needs to have "it" cut off, while he's rotting in jail. He is hiding behind his reigion, and uses it as an excuse, period.


i dont understand why they have to make a big deal about it they are a loving family just cause they aint like ours does not mean they are any defferent


Kody is not doing anything wrong, it is co-habitating and with healthy happy children. Perhaps if laws were corrected to allow this, there would not be so many devorces in the USA. I think it is a wonderful plan , and coming from a very small family, know what it's like to want more family and that is what the wives have said, they wanted large family and sisterhood wives. I vote to leave them alone and let them be happy, laws should not have any right in this and no business in it. Government needs to find something else to do.


what Kody is doing with his "Wives" is not illegal. Meri is his only real legal wife and by consent of her he is commiting adultery with the now 3 other "wives" actually girlfriends as they are not legally married. The children appear to be well loved and well adjusted...and have choice in what they do when they grow up. if they (Kody and "wives" have chosen to live an open adultery life style then that is up to them.


I really don't understand the whole purpose of polygamy. In the Brown's case, Kody has 3 wonderful wives and they have all been togther for several years, so why add another one? Even if you enter into the polygamist lifestyle and are open to sharing your husband with other wives, you still believe your husband is comitted to you (the wives) only. However, when your husband is courting other women and wants to add additional wives, then how is he truly committed? I don't see how he can be because he's obviously not content enough.
When I first saw the show, I did not agree with their lifestyle, but I was happy to see there were only 3 wives, and it had been that way for 10+ years...until another wife came along. Why wasn't he happy with his life the way it was? "I just don't get it" Lastly... If he is allowed to court other women, then why can't the wives court other men?


this son of a bitch obviously preys on women with no self esteem...look at them all...I would like this son of a bitch to come on a date with me...I would grab him sooooo tight by the balls...he would not be able to do the 4 wives he has never mind thinking about number 5.....HE NEEDS TO GO TO JAIL...maybe there he will be 4 guys bitch and know how it feels to have a different one come visit each night!!!! ROT IN JAIL YOU LOSER, PLEASE SAVE THOSE CHILDREN!!


It's not really illegal. He's only legally married to one of them; the rest were just commitment ceremonies, I believe, so technically he's doing nothing that's against the law. Against most people's beliefs, mabye, but not against the law. It's not something I support, necessarily, but I don't think they should be in any legal trouble for it.