Kody Brown and Sister Wife Robyn: Expecting!

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Kody Brown of TLC's Sister Wives and the fourth of four wives, Robyn, are expecting another baby! Congratulations to the couple ... and the whole family!

"You should've seen the look on his face when we found out," said Robyn Brown, who has three kids of her own from a prior marriage. "It was priceless."

The baby, due in October, will be the first for Kody and Robyn. It will be the 17th for Brown, including her kids and Kody's with his three other wives.

Sister Wives Cast Photo

Kody and Robyn Brown (middle) are expecting!

Kody and Robyn, who moved to Vegas with the rest of his fundamentalist Mormon family in January, got married last year on Season 1 of Sister Wives.

Kody is also married to Meri, the legal wife, Janelle, and Christine.

He and the Wives have been under investigation ever since their polygamist lifestyle started being broadcast on TLC, but no charges have been filed yet.

Polygamy is illegal, technically, but if no minors are being corrupted or other crimes are involved, Utah or Nevada authorities rarely if ever prosecute.

What do you think? Should they be?

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Meri's father is a polygamist with 5 wives. She introduced Kody to the "lifestyle". She introduced Kody to Robin. She told him Robin would make a good sister wife so NO, don't put all of the blame on Kody. As for Kody wanting Robin more than the others, she's new, she obviously does something for him that the others can't do emotionally or physically (he actually kissed her before their wedding, BIG NO NO). All I gotta say is this guy must be GREAT in the bedroom LOL


Randyjackson, he does love them all the same. The "skinny one" is pregnant because he already had kids with all the others. This is their first. I'm sure he has sex with all of them, she was the one to get pregnant.


I agree with most comments here. It is their life. Get over it. It isn't affecting you other than maybe your grossed out by it. Let them live how they want. Each wife decided to live this way. Alot of people are like this. the only reason people are freaking out is because one of the familys decided to be open about it and make a show. GET OVER IT


I am way to jealous to share a husband,but that's MY life. If they want to have multiples,then let them. Nobody is perfect and somebody will always bitch about others' way of life. They aren't hurting anybody,so why does it matter? Nosy people always start shit! I don't know how they can even be in trouble. He's only legally married to Meri. If they were all just his girlfriends,no law would be "broken"! Live happy Brown's and screw what everybody else says!


old people, I dont get it hustlers


old people i dont get it hustlers


LOL RJB!!! Agree 100%
And why was it that shocking that someone was knocked up!!?? You guys probably already lost count.


It may not be against the law (which I think is insane) but these women are putting women back 100 years each time a new episode airs. PS - I like how the skinniest one is the one that is now pregnant. I guess this guy doesn't exactly love them all the same.


seriously. people should just get over there selves with these people. its not against the law to have mutiple gf's/bf's. much less wives...
and isn't it against the law to fire somebody bc of the race, religion, gender....can i say there crazy bc i would sue all they asses. #JustSaying


I think everyone should mind their own dalm buisness and leave them alone....their doing what makes them happy, what's wrong with that?!?....Its not like he legally married to all of them, He legally married to mary. This is the life they chose and their happy and i don't think people should judge them...if you don't like it don't then don't watch the show. But don't be rude, thats not nessicary. they arn't thinking about everyone else and they shouldn't have to its their lives, let them live it the way they want to live it, their not doing anything wrong, let them live in peace people!!!!!!!