Kody Brown, Sister Wives Moving to Nevada

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Still under police investigation, TLC Sister Wives polygamist Kody Brown is taking his four wives and 19 kids straight out of Utah and into Nevada.

Sources close to the Browns say that they will be relocating to the Silver State so he and his gigantic brood can "explore new job opportunities."

Sister Wives Wives

Of course, scrutiny over their lifestyle may also play a role. Cohabitation between a man and his unlicensed "wives" is not a crime in Nevada.

ONE MAN, FOUR WIVES: Kody Brown's life is like a less attractive Big Love.

Brown family attorney Jonathan Turley says that to this point, neither Kody nor his wives have been hit with charges stemming from the Utah investigation.

Bigamy is a crime in Utah, however it is rarely prosecuted on its own merit because there would be many more cases than officials could possibly deal with.

Unless one of the wives is a minor or there are other crimes involved, which don't appear to apply to the Browns, it's likely they'll be off the hook.

What do you think? Should they be prosecuted?


Everyone just needs to leave that family alone, theres too many defunct familys in the world. The browns are an amazing family more people should be as loving and kind as they are to eachother


Who cares what they do? They seem like a loving family, a man can have as many girlfriends and kids as they want. Meri is his legal wife and the rest are just his girls so who care?


This is how I see it, I am a Christian, but truthfully let the brown family do as they please. We are not responsible for what they do. What good does judging them do you? No good at all. How would you like it if you had people who had no clue who you were judging you and how your family operated? There are so many different beliefs out here in the world, no one is required to share the same belief. Personally, I wouldn't engage in any activities that included expanding a marriage beyond 2 people but its their lives!! Get it through your heads? I love the Brown family because there not afraid to open up their doors and show what really goes on in there house. How many of y'all HATERS would do that? Just grow up and act like an adult. Leave the Brown family alone. God Bless


he claims to be such a christian man even he adnits theres no licence with last 3 so hes committing adultery.so disgusting to think hes with a different one in physical sense each night.thats just sick.those poor kids.but not my place to judge them.i would not want them for neighbors either.wonder what would happen if the women decided they loved another man and wanted to give him brother husbands.he wouldnt allow it.just my opinion


cody in hot i hope he is just like the show says he is they are lucky women keep your family together


While this show is completely crazy, I think kody is hot and has a certain appeal that draws women to him. If he needs a 5th wife... count me in. Lol.


i freakin love this family so much! just because they have a different life style, does not mean anything at all! and just because he has 4 wives... does not mean that we should all hate them. they are a sweet loving family to everyone in the family, all the sister wives are so amazing with each other and the love that the kids have for all the other kids is just amazing! this family is just like any other family ya he may have 4 wives and 19 kids from 4 different moms means that he has love for those ladys lots of love for them and there kids! which to me is so amazing! i love you all and i am a way big fan! hope the best for all of you! good luck with everything!


Good. Hope they move it from TLC to another channel too. This show's disgusting. I'm totally open minded and I'm all for new things.. but this man with 4 wives and 19 kids, raising those kids to believe what they believe? That's disgusting, totally inappropriate and just makes me sick. That's not what marriage is about. I don't even care if it's between 2 men.. the point is that marriage is supposed to be between 2 people, not 5.

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